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My happy mice farm. Left to right: 17, 8, 10, 3 years old.

My happy mice farm. Left to right: 17, 8, 10, 3 years old.

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  • Blapanda

    From left to right, models:


    G502 Wireless (2x AA battery lasting for 4 weeks in performance mode, an absolute beast! Unlike the G903 and any other wireless mouse reaching 100 bucks … 2 hours with own battery block, lol, what a joke)




    Someone was arguing with me, that “veterans have their one mouse / all mice destructed, this is real wear and tear”, and I am absolutely not agreeing with that. This is how you treat your hardware right. There has to be no missing parts, ever!

    Being this reckless with your stuff just shows how careless you are overall. This ain’t a hammer or screwdriver, where bits and ends can bend or break. This is something you should really take care for!

  • TommyStateWorker

    oh wow – a pre 2015 g600; that mouse/model is legendary for me. I got mine in 2010 when i first met my (now) Wife; the braided cord never got gross or tangled, the buttons lasted right until the end LAST YEAR- 11 full years after getting it. THe new model doesnt have the angled buttons separating each key pad but its still my favorite mouse.

  • WelcomeYukari

    what the hell happened to the left-most mouse. Either that’s just the pattern on the mouse or It looks like it’s been through some extremely intense gaming sessions.

  • Lina__Inverse

    Logitech G600 is the best mouse to ever grace this world with it’s presence. G-Shift is awesome and I don’t understand why they decided to not implement it in newer models.

  • Mczern

    Any double click failures? I’m on my third mouse (Razer) after having a g503 Hero (and one RMA replacement) die, and a Corsair M65 RGB Elite (and one RMA replacement die) over the course of like 4 or 5 years. The Razer should be fine as it has optical switches.

  • DeathGears

    Far left mouse feels like a rite of passage for pc gamers of a certain age at this point. First time I saw one I thought it was the coolest design in the world, even now there aren’t a lot of mice that top it in my nostalgic eyes.

  • wamenslot

    I have that G Logitech multiple buttons mouse. Got it 12/2015 and still working good and help me a lot on rpg games.

  • rbardy

    My mice collection since 1999 is:

    Generic ball mouse 1

    Generic ball mouse 2

    Generic optical mouse 1

    The mouse from the CM Storm devastator kit

    G600 – It is about 7 years old and wouldn’t change it for anything.

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