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My favorite part of every game is the initial signing away of my soul to the game devs

My favorite part of every game is the initial signing away of my soul to the game devs

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  • ztomiczombie

    This is more, “Even though you bought this with money we want the right to take it away form you without any compensation.”

  • munitionchipsintoys

    What game is this? And I don’t mind it unless I have to scroll down super slowly which I’ve encountered in a game before.

  • Dakmoonshadow

    User agreement: “You do not actually own this game. We will take all the personal data we can from you, and use it however we want. If this game is broken, glitchy, laggy, or damages your system in anyway. Too bad lol.”

    Me: Uuuuuh. How much do I want to play this game?

  • The_Sum

    I loved when companies sort of caught on that people were just clicking ‘Agree’ and not even pretending to check what they agreed to so now it’s “Scroll to the bottom and tick this check box so we really know you read this.”

    I assume it’s like this now so if they ever go to court they can tell the judge, “See! They had to scroll down past all 52 paragraphs AND check the box! They knew what they were doing when they agreed to give us their first born!”

  • Satire-V

    I think people forget that Reddit is just Social Media and they’re giving you an extremely hard time for some lighthearted OC. Im sorry that happened. Im sorry people prefer to engage with Karma Bots. You’re doing amazing, buddy.

  • Geek_off_the_streets

    Your battle station looks exactly like mine from the sound bar, TV to the entertainment center. I had to do a double take. Your N64 is where my SNES is.

  • CaptainMorning

    This is why i play videogames. Love to read it all before i even see the title. Sometimes i just leave it there for a while and don’t hit accept just go take it all in.

  • Joseph_F_1

    Don’t worry about these, they’re not legally binding at all, they’re not worth the screen they’re displayed upon

  • Prospire

    Wait…You don’t read the EULA? How can you agree to something without reading it. This is how you end up as part of the humancetiPad having a Japanese man shit cuttlefish and asparagus in your mouth.

  • TurtleneckTrump

    I still don’t get how it is legal anywhere to require you to sign an agreement to use a product you already paid for and own.

  • Uncle___Marty

    There’s no “agree with stipulations” so the closest button is “agree” so I press that with no ability to voice my concerns knowing that I didn’t fully agree.

    These things aren’t even worth the time to write them in law. Courts disregard them all the time. But it makes the company feel safe so who are we to click disagree?

    You could have already been clicking in the agree area before it came up and you never understood anything right?

  • mellifleur5869

    EULAs are weird. It’s a legal thing that game companies do to cover their asses Incase of any weird circumstances.

    It’s also very much not a legally binding or enforceable agreement.

    Weird that they even exist imo.

  • Re7icle

    I wonder if anyone ever actually reads the whole thing. Every game I’ve ever played I just scroll to the bottom and hit accept lol.

  • KD--27

    Imagine if your next pair of Nike they whipped out the book at the cash register, with a signature at the bottom. “Sign here please”.

  • Manoreded

    Despite all the jokes, I never heard of someone actually getting in trouble because of one of these, unless the person was actually breaking the law or using cheat software in multiplayer.

    And refund shenanigans.

    The wording is intentionally overreaching to protect the company from liability, but contracts don’t necessarily hold up in court. If a judge determines a certain clause is illegal, it just doesn’t apply anymore.

  • Autarch_Kade

    Sometimes the developers don’t even read their own EULAs. The EULA for Mortal Online had you agree on terms to use the… EVE Online software. They copied another game’s license agreement and didn’t change the name of the game in the text lol.

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