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My 20 year old friend dropped out of school two years ago and directed his first short film about his superstitious Asian parents. His film got the audience award at an international film festival and it just released!

My 20 year old friend dropped out of school two years ago and directed his first short film about his superstitious Asian parents. His film got the audience award at an international film festival and it just released!

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  • ArchlordFate

    A near-perfect master class with phenomenal shots and directing. I enjoyed the inside perspective on asian culture!

  • k00p0

    Excellent short film and interesting take on superstitions! There are definitely more misses than hits when it comes to the horror genre, and I can safely say that this is one of the better ones with all things considered.

    Your friend definitely has a bright future in directing, while the rest of the cast and crew were great as well!

  • BigFPS

    I am not sure if the downvoted comments are fake reviews but I will give a real review. I watched half of it and then fast forwarded to the end. It was intriguing in the beginning and I wanted to see what happens. I act like I have ADHD and it takes a lot to get me to watch anything over a few minutes and on this one I watched half of it before I just wanted to see if there was an explanation. I may have fast forwarded over it, but I don’t think there was. I scrubbed through it a few times to see if it explained why the mysterious things were occurring or who the hand belonged to. ~~I don’t think it did. I don’t like that~~. Sure it was interesting, ~~but don’t leave me hanging unless this was just the intro to a series or something and more would be shown in a later show~~. ~~If this was the ending, I hate it for that reason.~~ ~~If this was a series~~, then it is good and I am simply impatient.

    Edit: I have been told that the mysterious happenings and hand were explained, and had I not skipped over it then I would have understood. Since that is the case, it is a good short film. I watched more of it, than I have other short movies. Due to my own impatience, I skipped the important parts.

  • thesluglife

    I briefly worked with Reangsei when he was an editor in Toronto. Great guy and super talented. Really happy to see him flourishing doing what he loves, rather than brain-dead YouTube edits. Nice one.

    Edit: why am I getting downvoted for an anecdote hahahah

    Edit edit: guys I’m not a robot, I haven’t even commented on the movie. I worked with this dude for a few months between 2018-2019. Genuinely nice guy.


    Do you know what camera he used?

    Lol idk the downvotes, love the way things looked and wondering what kind of budget it was shot on. If it’s a low budget cheaper camera, it’s a powerhouse, I’m shopping for one right now and looking for options.

  • natsukiw

    Why are there so many downvote comments LOL

    I just watched the film and I think it’s very impressive how such a young director is able to make this, such intriguing shots and relatable story. Absolutely loved the score, especially the one that played at the ending, gave me the chills. This guy has a lot of potential for sure, excited to see his upcoming projects.

  • TheBlackcat34

    What is wrong with all the downvoted comments? Is this sub not meant for discovering and sharing… I really enjoyed it, from the story, the aesthetics and the acting. Really good short.

  • noobvin

    Not bad, and not great either, but the fact this post what bought and paid for, including comments (including on YouTube) and rewards is pretty obvious. It made me NOT want to like it at all.

  • Good_ApoIIo

    I didn’t really enjoy it and I enjoyed it even less after seeing that this is a boosted post and used fake accounts to promote it in the comments.

  • luapchung

    So they moved into a new house and there’s a mysterious closet that’s always been locked and they never thought to try unlocking it and see what’s inside? Also, how did they not catch that woman when they went through every part of the house at night?

  • suffer_in_silence

    Misrepresentation of Asian spanking, dad hardly had any force in his belting of young Yi, really unrealistic portrayal.


    edit: film was whatevers, was really dragging on.

  • Remote_Oil8985

    Just imagine this movie in English it would be shit and you know its shit, speaking in another language doesn’t make it good.

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