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Museum of witchcraft.

Museum of witchcraft.

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  • chntv152

    I first found the Museum of Witchcraft at a stupidly lw level, I think it was the first deathclaw I ran into and way before I got to Diamond City.I think I ended up having to slowly sneak crit it to death over the course of about 20 minutes.

  • requiemofchaos

    I’d already been having fun with it up until this point, but this was the quest that ensured I will always use the Macho Claws mod (the Deathclaws all get turned into Macho Man Randy Savage) when playing Fallout 4, because *even the Deathclaw’s roar on the audio log is altered*.

    “Hey, there, mama, is this what you’re looking for?”
    “OOOH YEA!”

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