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Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “Working Class Playwright”

Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “Working Class Playwright”

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  • marin4rasauce

    One of my favourite Python sketches. Something about how the father mockingly exclaims *tungsten carbide drills!?* always makes me laugh.

    I think the only sketch I like more is [The Watch Smuggler]( for how it starts off by twisting a decent premise, and then goes slowly off the rails silly in quintessential Python fashion.

  • essentialatom

    This was always one of my favourite Python sketches even though as a youngster I didn’t understand the class inversion it was based on. I still quote it. “You ‘ad to go poncin’ off to Barnsley! You and your coal-minin’ friends.” I like saying “Barnsleh”

    Edit: God, I’d forgotten how much of this I remember. “A Scotsman on a ‘orse” has lived with me forever. And I think this sketch must also be why my dad sometimes calls my mum “mother”. I bet he doesn’t remember either.

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