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Monster Factory — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Monster Factory — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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  • Acrobatic_Pandas

    Monster Factory follows two brothers, Griffin and Justin McElroy as they stream themselves using ingame character creators to build the wildiest, depraved yet hilarious characters possible by mainly sticking to the golden rule of “Only extreme values no middle ground”. Often giving characters pencil thing heads with elongated noses and green hair etc.

    Can’t believe they made a tv show out of it and the trailer confuses me but I’m sure it’s just as good.

  • mindspread

    Disappointed that this isn’t the story of 2 brothers creating hideous but lovable characters using various video game character creators…

  • UniversalMonkArtist

    I hate wrestling bouts. Hate wrestling fanboys.

    But behind-the-scenes stuff has always been interesting to me. And this show looks awesome!

  • rikashiku

    Monster Factory as in the Pro Wrestling school?

    The same Monster Factory that gave us;

    – Punishment Martinez/ Damian Priest.

    – Cody Vance/ Number 10/ Presten Vance.

    – Nick Comoroto.

    – Matt Riddle.

    – Karen Q.

    – etc etc etc.

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