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Martin Baker conducting ejection seat tests.

Martin Baker conducting ejection seat tests.

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  • PhaedrusC

    These seats had to be tested by humans. Most of the initial tests of various kinds of ejection seats were done by Doddy Hay, an absolute legend of a man, who has undoubtedly contributed to many pilots safely ejecting from planes about to crash.

    Due to some prototype seats which did not function as anticipated, he lived with compacted vertebrae for the rest of his life, in constant pain.

    Sadly, he does not even seem to deserve a mention on the internet, which is a travesty. I am probably one of the few people still alive who remember him and his selfless sacrifice

  • algebramclain

    One time in high school I parked at a 7-Eleven, some cute girls from class were parked next to me so I got flustered and stepped out of my car while it was still in drive.

    So I’m not impressed with this guy.

  • BeepingJerry

    The thing about ejecting is that its not a James Bond kind of thing. (Where people float down gently in a tuxedo). Pilots get seriously busted up during the process. Dislocated arms, jaws, compression fractures, etc. The wind blast is enough to tear a person apart.. Doddy Hayes, among many other test pilots, were/are people on a whole other level of guts. I have nothing but respect and deepest gratitude to them all.

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