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Mario 1-Up Trick, one of the first tricks I learned back in the 80s after a friend showed how it’s done.

Mario 1-Up Trick, one of the first tricks I learned back in the 80s after a friend showed how it’s done.

Mario 1-Up Trick, one of the first tricks I learned back in the 80s after a friend showed how it’s done. from gaming

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  • GobanToba

    Yeah, did this all the time at this spot we called it a “rack”. But you could get too many lives and then when you died, game over 🙁

  • Fireproof_Cheese

    This one was tricky, but what I could do more easily was in SMB3. I think it was stage 1-2 or 1-3, where the goombas are coming out of the pipe. With the raccoon leaf I could just jump and float and get a bunch of 1-ups.

  • thrasymacus2000

    I remember feeling like I might get in trouble for doing this. I don’t know how or by whom, but I was looking over my shoulder.

  • Jebusfreek666

    I’m still confused how you didn’t die launching the first shell. Every time I have ever tried this trick I die. I spent literally hours trying to get this to work when I was like 7.

  • Demigodlevi

    I remember being about 5, laying on the hallway floor outside my parents bedroom watching my mom play mario when she was having really bad insomnia. I thought she was so cool for being able to do this. I never mastered it.

  • TallonZek

    When I wanted to kill an hour at the bowling alley and only had a couple quarters this was my go to. You actually need to be a little careful not to rack up too many lives or you could roll it over back to 0, and you didn’t know for sure where you were because the number of lives turns into castles and flowers etc instead of numbers.

  • Think_Description_84

    What do you need one ups for when you can just continue from the beginning of the world by holding select upon final death.

  • Overdose08

    It’s funny because I just saw this video saying that the creators purposely threw this in but had other means of accomplishing the trick. They just underestimated the gamers

  • shorttompkins

    I remember doing this by accident and my mind was blown. So many years later and I can still vividly remember how excited I was (having never seen it before or knew it was a thing). It was like the ultimate discovery of a lifetime at the time.

  • magic9669

    Funny thing. I went to Sicily to visit family when I was 10 or so, and I went to show this to my cousin, and it would NOT work. I’ve done it a ton of times up to this point. It was so bizarre. I guess it had to do with the “European” version with the coding or something.

    Anyone way smarter than me have a logical explanation by chance?

  • shs713

    This trick pissed me off to no end as a kid at the university arcade (my mother worked at the collage and I was there every day after school waitingon my ride home), I wanted to play every day but some college kid was always on the machine with a crazy number of lives.

  • shipstar

    Tell me you’re an 80s child without telling me you’re an 80s child:

    I originally learned this trick from a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. He was a teenager that came by our house and pitched my dad on buying the full Encyclopedia Brittanica set. He noticed we were playing the original Super Mario Bros and said “Have you seen the infinite lives trick?” We invited him in and he proceeded to play to this point and get us up to the symbolic life count.

    We ended up buying the encyclopedias.

  • Rexgar

    My dad used to do this for me and my cousins when we were little, so we could take turns playing and not have to worry about dying. Good memory.

  • zagxc

    First arcade game “cheese” I remember was Galaga. You could shoot everything besides one specific ship. The you would let that one ship dive bomb you over and over for a while and eventually it should stop shooting. You would kill it and for the rest of the game all the ships wouldn’t shoot. One quarter would last for hours.

  • RichestMangInBabylon

    When I learned you could respawn at level one of whatever world you died in by holding start+A (or something similar) my mind was blown. Don’t need infinite lives if you don’t go back to 1-1.

  • Byron_Cameraman

    Years later I learned about the Minus World in this game and it blew my mind. Getting sucked through the brick wall at the end of level 1-2.

    Fireballs when small was another well hidden easter-egg.

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