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Man installs electric fence to keep kids off lawn

Man installs electric fence to keep kids off lawn

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  • IronicBread

    What’s the issue? It won’t do anything other than give them a quick shock. It’s his property and if kids are littering on his lawn it’s the parents responsibility to teach the kids manners.

  • phatrogue

    I grew up in a farming area with lots of livestock electric fences around. Getting shocked by one is no fun and I’ve also seen dogs and large animals get shocked and they learn really quickly to avoid it but I don’t believe it can be fatal. Definitely extreme for a residential area. I mean there are some technical issues like the town right-of-way can be pretty far onto your lawn, I might put up some warning signs on the fence and I might not say out loud that it is for children or something. Not a solution I would use but not as dangerous as some parents are worried about in the story.

  • Boop0p

    It baffles me that so many Americans see it as perfectly normal that a sub-urban street which even has children using it to wait for the bus does not have a pavement/sidewalk. If there was a proper city/council owned strip of land that was used for both a pavement, bus stop ideally with a bench and shelter, this problem likely would have never arose.

  • WarbossTodd

    Dog in a Tactical vest, Confederate flag on shirt? How much do you want to bet the school kids he was concerned about were of a slightly darker shade skin color than his?

  • marc15v2

    “All I can do is protect myself.”

    …From children with litter? Really?
    I mean, put a bin up and do something useful for crying out loud lol.

  • gbiypk

    Everyone in this thread is arguing about the fence. I’m wondering what percentage of American suburbs have a sidewalk.

    If this city has a 18 foot easement along the road, why aren’t parents fighting in favor of sidewalks for their children to walk along and wait for the bus?

  • RoboTroy

    If you can’t tell this guy is a total piece of shit because of his fence, check out his shirt. And if you still can’t tell, check his sunglasses and his dog’s vest. and if you STILL can’t tell, you’re probably an asshole too.

  • Simbuk

    If I was one of those kids I’d be disappointed that the fence was taken down. I mean, an electric fence right in the neighborhood to play with? Awesome!

  • zushiba

    I personally wouldn’t do this but I also own a house on a corner and it’s 100% true that people just use my yard as both a shortcut & a trash bin.

    I have cameras on my front door and probably 4 out of every 10 motion alerts I get are people just walking across my yard. I could put a fence up but it’d cost a lot, and honestly it’s not that big enough of a problem that I need to correct it.

    I also feel like having a fence might just make my lawn collect more trash, not less as I’ve found trash is generally transient. The wind carries a bunch of it away eventually. A fence would just act like a trash net, necessitating my direct intervention.

  • Azthioth

    That fence would barely bite. I grew up with high voltage fences. These are nothing but warnings. No one is getting, “Electrocuted.”

  • IwasMilkedByGod

    with how poorly the kids are retaining information anymore, I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if they read his no trespassing signs and didn’t know what they meant.

  • DreamArcher

    Ah he lives on a corner and the kids are cutting across his lawn. There’s sidewalks in my neighborhood and kids still do that. But how about a regular non-electric fence.

  • ann102

    While way too extreme, I do empathize with the owner. People are not respectful of other’s property. At my kids’ stop other parents let their kids rip up his lawn, stone walls, run up and down, etc. When he spoke to them about it, they all responded like petulant children.

  • opusx1978

    I’m with the homeowner, he’s tried and no one helps out as we know those parents are probably trash if they teach their kids to disrespect others property. good for him, I hope they get zapped into respectfulness.

  • Bugawd_McGrubber

    The dude isn’t chucking kids onto an electric fence? All the kids have to do to not get shocked is to stay away from the fence? I’m not seeing a problem here.

  • alcohall183

    this sort of fence is good for chickens. it delivers a MILD shock to those who touch it. It will not knock them out or cause permanent damage. Perhaps some of these “concerned parents” can wait with their kids at the stop and make them behave. He put up signs, he asks politely, the last resort is calling the police and having the children arrested every single day. Each one of them. Would that be preferable?

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