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LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE – Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE – Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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  • zman2100

    As a Florida grad, I am incredibly confused why they have characters decked out in Gators apparel for a movie about a crocodile.

  • FatherMellow

    Man, Im so glad movie studios are still putting those 3 second minitrailers telling me that the actual trailer is starting, I never would have guessed this movie was about a singing crocodile if they didn’t make sure they told me within the first 3 seconds. Man, no idea how I would have known otherwise.

  • Aggravating_Word9481

    I hope this is good, I like some of the visuals. Crocodiles are my favorite animal and its nice seeing them in a non-villianous role. It could easily suck, But im hoping its more paddington than clifford the big red dog.

  • Gloomy_Travel7992

    Constance Wu painting a Crocodile like “one of your French girls” may have persuaded me to watch this movie.

  • JeffRyan1

    “An over-the-top Javier Bardem traps a family in a house with a crocodile” is also a great premise for a horror movie.

  • persimmon40

    I mean it looks cute and everything but a crocodile talking in a an overly boyish voice of Shawn Mendez really puts me off.

  • dagreenman18

    I sorry Lyle. There’s one thing in this world I can abide by and that’s being a Gators fan. Take him away.

    It looks fine. Weirdly good cast. Strong Pedigree. Didn’t know Shawn Mendes was a crocodile, but no one knows what he looks like so it makes sense.

  • NateZilla10000

    …..anyone wanna talk about how they clearly designed their “Crocodile” after an alligator?

    U shaped jaw, no interlocking teeth, overbite, back scutes begin at the top of the neck instead of the base of the neck……

  • SomeMockodile

    …But, he’s an alligator. His anatomy is alligator in structure, notably due to the skull. Crocodiles have a V shape to their skulls and teeth on the bottom jaw are visible from the outside.

  • lakovsanite

    Maybe I’m old but I cannot get out of my head how big that house is in NYC of all places and it’s less realistic than a talking Crocodile to have just 3 presumably non billionaires living in it.

  • KingMario05

    Y’know, for a Sony magical animal in real life movie, it looks surprisingly… *fine?* Not fine cinema or anything, but ***definitely*** not the same class of abomination as their live-action Smurf films were.

    >!Of course, they conveniently failed to show any footage of Lyle *talking.* So either they’re actually avoiding that, and good for them if so… or we’re looking at Reverse *Paddington*, where the ads are great but the actual movie ***very much isn’t.***!<

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