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Lisa and Louise Burns posing outside the wardrobe department right before filming their iconic Shining hallway scene. [1979]

Lisa and Louise Burns posing outside the wardrobe department right before filming their iconic Shining hallway scene. [1979]

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  • AcesHigh0910

    Their smiles are so cute. Gives them an entirely different look. I wonder if they knew they were making a horror film?

  • Schwiftydeadpool97

    These guys are absolutely lovely. One is a teacher now that works with my mum. They’ll sign/record messages together for anyone’s bday 😄

  • MymlanOhlin

    Y’know, I was always confused about The Shining Twins because they didn’t look *that* much alike, but this picture shows that they definitely had way more of a resemblance to one another!

    I mean, obviously they were twins and looked similar, but the eerieness of them is supposed to be that they are identical, practically a hivemind. Now I’m thinking that the movie crew must’ve just flubbed their appearance. If they had made sure that their hair laid the same, given one twin half an inch insoles to match exact height or played with perspective, actually made sure that the dresses were the same length, gotten the lighting to match on their faces, I think it would’ve been way more effective. I always assumed that they were just fraternal twins and the crew did what they could to make them as close in appearance as possible, but this pic shows that it was definitely not the twins’ being the culprit here. Just a curious observation.

  • davew111

    I worked with Louise 1996 – 97, at the IT department of a London hospital. One of the help desk guys found out about her movie role and sat on that knowledge for weeks. Then one day she said something like “I gotta go now” and he said “you can’t leave, we’re gonna keep you here – for ever, and ever, and ever”.

  • AlvinTaco

    Well, see now *here* they’re cute. I would not have been scared of these kids. If these kids invited me to play with them it would involve jumping on our bikes to see what the kids down the block were doing, then having continued Odyssey like kid ventures until the street lights came on and we’d all go home to have dinner, watch Diff’rent Strokes, then go to bed.

  • Disorganized_Closet

    So to everyone seeing them on their way to the set, they’re just some twins dressed the same, no contexts

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