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Kids asked for extra jobs for cash, so I created a bounty board with contracts. (OC)

Kids asked for extra jobs for cash, so I created a bounty board with contracts. (OC)

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  • lily1379

    I love these so fun! You could even do side quests for bonus prizes$
    And as a 40 year old who forgets to empty the vacuum and lint traps I love the hints and tips

  • ExarchsHand

    This man spent more time drawing the cards for the kid to do than it would have taken to do it himself! Big Dad energy.

  • Captcha_Imagination

    This is such a fun idea! I’m a grown-ass man and this would get me to do chores.

    Some ideas for you if you do it again. The “conditions” should be tickable boxes which is what a video game would do. You could even incorporate game elements in the real world like a coin they need to find in an area you want to be cleaned.

  • DrMonkeyLove

    Sadly after posting that contract to take care of an apiarian phantom, a child was eaten by a hound of the Wild Hunt.

  • diMario

    Aid the visually impaired

    The windows of this dwelling have become less and less transparent over the course of time. But there is a remedy! I am looking for able bodied men and women to help fight this creeping degradation of outside view. Clean some windows! Cleaning products provided by contractor. Extra pay for outside first floor projects.

    In dire need of waste removal experts

    The trash bin in the kitchen is always overflowing. Help fight diseases and unsavory smells by taking out the trash and putting in a new liner (provided by contractors). Extra bonus added if you clean the trash bin in between.

    Wanted: experienced bushmen

    The Savannah in our back yard has grown to jungle proportions. Desperately seeking experienced bushmen who with their expertise and dexterity will be able to cut it down to regulation size. Lawn mowing equipment available at no extra cost.

  • civver3

    Wonder what the parenting subreddits’ takes would be on this. I’ve heard the opinion that household chores shouldn’t be monetized as it’s just expected to be done. Some make the distinction between routine and extra tasks.

  • xylophanes

    When I was a kid, any house chores were required of all household members because as members of the house we learned to take care of the house we lived in and the things in it. My mother refused to pay me for contributing to housework. I remember being jealous because my friends started getting an allowance for doing chores each week. The first few weeks I remember their mom being a little flustered because they’d done so many chores and she had to pay them more than she’d expected to be spending. But by the third or fourth week they decided they didn’t want the money that much and decided to stop doing chores all together. She finally had to stop paying them to do chores, because she ended up being the only one doing house work. In the mean time, my mom started getting me simple babysitting jobs for the neighbors (just being in charge of the younger kids in the backyard while the parents were busy inside), and teaching me how to make things like macrame plant hangers(it was the 70s) to sell. That’s how I first started earning money at age 9.

  • Miusera

    Thanks for all your support guys, I’m glad you all like them! I’ll be posting these designs to my instagram, @paperanddust with a free downloadable version for each if you’re interested in using any for yourself!

    Also, these prices are definitely inflated. I’ve been cycling different ones on our board, alongside joke notices – the whole purpose of these is to just give the kids extra opportunities for cash in exchange for jobs I can’t be arsed doing, on occasional basis.

  • Normal-Computer-3669

    I’d love if these were like templates that you can fill in/print!

    Right now I just slide post-it notes to my kiddos.

  • RilohKeen

    My mother 25 years ago: “vacuum the whole house before I get home or I’ll whip your ass. Don’t make me get the belt.”

    I hope that style of parenting is dying out. It’s always nice to see younger generations having it better than we did.

  • rbobby

    These are really nice and very creative, and I really like the illustrations. Folks would buy them if you put together a pack of dozen or two…

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