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Kevin Smith on Kevin Conroy

Kevin Smith on Kevin Conroy

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  • anonymous_guy111

    i never get emotional over celebrity deaths but i gotta say this one got to me. his voice as batman was just lightning in a bottle. they will never find someone as good as Conroy

  • marvelknight28

    He had at least another 10 years left in him, he was still playing Batman and scheduled to appear in cons, such a terrible loss.

    I wish I could have met him, I had a chance earlier this year but because of Covid still being around I didn’t go and now I regret it so much. It’s going to be a week tomorrow and it still hurts so much.

  • tucumano

    Off topic but Kevin’s looking great after his weight loss. He should just wear fitter clothes, it’s like he kept his old wardrobe.

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