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Judge throws drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court

Judge throws drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court

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  • mnmr17

    Don’t get me wrong both of the people smiling are massive POSs but 3 months in jail for smiling seems like a disproportionate sentence imo

  • LostinLies1

    I drove drunk one time when I was 19 years old. I was so ashamed of myself afterwards.
    Never did it again, never will. That was over 30 years ago.

    I’m still ashamed.

  • Dewshbag41

    Alcoholics are the worst people.

    They want to act like they’re any different from a drug addict, but they aren’t. In fact, drug addicts are at least nicer than alcoholics, drunks ruin more families and lives than any other drug and just say “oops” and move on like nothing happened. Fucking pathetic.

  • jostler57

    OP is posting a re-uploaded old, infamous video.

    Fuck you to the YouTuber who stole it and screw you OP for posting their version of it.

    Get the original.

  • goldenrepoman

    I WISH we had Judges like this in Canada. It’s honestly a joke here and no justice for victims families. Much respect Judge.

  • marcoroman3

    Is there any footage of her laughing? How do we know it wasn’t stress or fear or nerves that was making her laugh? Sometimes people can laugh at wildly inappropriate times just because they know they should not, and suddenly it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Postalsock

    93 days in jail. So now she lost her job unless she had 3 months worth of vacation and sick leave banked. I might be going a little off on this but that sentence might be a little excessive.

  • Titan7771

    So I’ve never been in a situation where I watch a loved one get sentenced, I’m sure it’s a really weird experience with no guide on how to act, but LAUGHING AT THE VICTIM’S FAMILY? My god man.

  • crismack58

    Wow.. that judge is a much better person than me. I love that she threw her dumbass in jail.

    My mouth would be alot worse than her

  • EvilChing

    Ok in what way does laughing warrant being thrown in jail? Is it like a court order thing? or was this purely the judges own opinion?

    If it’s the latter then I think that’s very unfair and limiting.

    I’m not defending anyone or anything, but throwing someone in jail for laughing sounds like a crime to me, even if they laughed at the most misreble human being in existence.

    i thought court would always go for rationality and fairness… but jailing a person for laughing? that’s kind of laughable itself.

  • IronicBread

    How the fuck do you laugh about this? I can’t imagine a mother laughing at the fact her child killed another person’s child. Crazy

  • durge69

    Am I crazy?

    The judge had to send her bailiff *outside* of the courtroom to bring the woman back in and further disrupt proceedings.

    Yes, the woman was an asshole, but that judge disrupted the court far more than the woman after the incident was over.

  • a97jones

    another idiot abusing their powers……

    no one cares about what the judge has to say

    all that morality nonsense she is speaking is nonsense

    to send someone to jail for 93 days is absurd and fucking stupid

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