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Jim Cramer says to buy Signature Bank

Jim Cramer says to buy Signature Bank

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  • zepprith

    I am confident this guy knows the stock is going to go down so he says buy it to increase the price of the stock so he can sell it for profit.

  • FanOfPeace

    That wasn’t him recommending it, that was SATIRE. Jim Cramer isn’t a stupid investor, he is just pretending to be, and the sooner you all appreciate that, the sooner you can appreciate the hilarity and how much of a comedic genius he is.

    The character he plays on this show is a lovable buffoon who introduces stocks with meaningless information like “they have offices sprinkled around the country in several different states,” followed by “and YOU can get rich too by buying that stock!” completely and comically skipping the logical steps between “they have offices” and “you should buy this stock.”

  • spacetime9

    I too am convinced that Cramer is a psyop to get retail investors to buy garbage stocks that Wall Street knows are garbage and wants to sell at the top

  • helpmeredditimbored

    This looks like he’s broadcasting from his old studio at CNBC HQ in this clip, he moved into his new studio on the floor of the NYSE last fall… this clip has to be 6+ months old.

    It’s not as egregious as saying Bear Sterns is fine a week before their collapse or saying invest in SVB a month before their collapse.


    Someone on WSB once did an analysis of all Kramers’s picks and the result was that there is usually a same day spike but a high negative correlation a month out.

  • classicalL

    The question is of course when he did, it isn’t a buy and hold forever person. There is no date on the clip. He is a trader not a Buffet type if this is 4 years old it might have been great people like to make fun of him though.

  • phatelectribe

    Signature bank didn’t suddenly get in to trouble in the last 6 months. It has systemic weakness and is over extended, and this was the case when Cramer was yelling “buy”. He’s a tool.

  • windowzombie

    I’m just assuming this man is six drinks deep during his morning announcements. Listen to his speech pattern.It’s fucked that we put these people as figureheads for society.

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