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Jackson Pollock talks about his drip paintings. (1951)

Jackson Pollock talks about his drip paintings. (1951)

Jackson Pollock talks about his drip paintings. (1951) from OldSchoolCool

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  • DynoMiteDoodle

    I love art of all types but honestly, this is just ridiculous to me. It’s just terrible, it only seems to confirm to me that half the art community are posers who are just sheep following whatever they’re told is good.

  • Striking_Present_736

    Some people love his art and some are sorely unimpressed. His art is like all art, subjective. Like Steve Martin said about his comedy, some will like it and some won’t. And that’s alright. What you think is crap I’ll buy for $1000. And vice versa. Those who love his stuff say genius. Those that don’t say hack. I say… I agree with both of you.

  • ppardee

    Ah, yes, the original “banana duck taped to a wall”.

    His drip paintings are indistinguishable from a house painter’s drop cloth at the end of a job.

    He is proof that people will like something just so they can feel sophisticated and superior.

    His other stuff is pretty cool, if you’re into abstract art. The She-wolf is particularly interesting.

  • setforstun

    I recommend to those dubious to see one in person. They are often huge and the energy he put into them comes off the canvas (for me). #jockart

  • badchad65

    Meh, I know we’ll hear several hundred iterations of “art is subjective” which I partially agree with. However, there is a lot of art where it is clearly evident a lot of technical skill is necessary. For example, seeing images of highly realistic hand drawings where you cannot discern it from a photograph takes a lof of training, practice etc.

  • fluffy_camaro

    Reminds me of when I went to Miro’s house in Spain. I was 16 and a huge fan of Dali. Most of the paintings were paint splattered on a canvas. I was so pissed, I left and sat in the tour bus. I don’t get how this is considered good art.

  • DanielDannyc12

    I was at a high school fundraiser where the kid had made some drip paintings. I told my girlfriend “Hang that at MOMA and tell people it’s a Pollock and it’s worth $10 million.”

  • GSV_No_Fixed_Abode

    Here we go again.

    People just post this to farm anger karma, not because of any desire to actually talk about art. Reddit isn’t capable of talking about it. The permitted opinion is that art is a scam, especially abstract art, it’s pointless to offer any other perspective.

  • schuter1

    Ooo, yeah. I especially liked the way you brought out the natural . . Oh fuck it. That’s just paint slopped on a canvas, and some idiot gave him a lot of money for it.

  • DealWonderful9928

    Yeah looks like the painting my daughter made on my wall when she was 3…. I hadn’t realized she was an amazing artist 🤣😆🤣😆🤣💀💀💀

  • albeitother

    I’m more convinced by people like Warhol and David Hockney who were incredibly gifted at drawing and design and *chose* to go into the direction of comtemporary art

    I like *some* Jackson Pollock but I’m always aware he didn’t have very many ideas and was probaby only doing drip paint because he couldn’t draw

  • Washboard_scabs

    Dude was just unknowingly making NFTs for rich people

    Modern art is an important piece of art history but is such a snooze

  • strawbeerrymochi

    I’m currently studying history of art and Pollock is a running theme this month and especially the fact that he was the said “bad boy” of the artists at that time with him smoking and drinking while drawing and using materials artists wouldn’t use at that time like industrial paint(+the fact he died while drunk driving). He has become one of my favorite artists of the early American expressionist artists for that reason, as well as the cowboy persona bc he grew up in the west.

  • WorldsGreatestPoop

    I remember Mike Judge on David Letterman doing his Beavis and Butthead voices and Dave said, I can do that. Mike chimed back, yeah well I thought if it first.

  • BenTCinco

    If some random person made a crappy painting and that painting was shown at a museum at they said it was made by Pollock or some other famous artist, they would say that painting is ‘brilliant’ or some stupid shit

  • goodbyehouse

    I did art history at uni and tbh made fun od this kind of abstract work…. until I saw one in real life. They look three dimensional and natural. Plus his selection of colours is down right tasty and could be used traditionally. Pollock was no joke. Beautiful work.

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