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It’s sadly only gonna get worse if we don’t boycott nft’s as much as possible

It’s sadly only gonna get worse if we don’t boycott nft’s as much as possible

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  • Irish_Whiskey

    I mean, it’s not hard to boycott something that has zero value to me, except as an ‘investment’ that I can dump onto someone even more gullible.

  • Socksthecat12

    I hope they try to incorporate NFTs into gaming. Simply so I can watch the practice burn to the ground. They will try to manufacture demand and nobody is going to give a shit.

  • Scratchitt

    How are these going to ruin gaming? Just dont buy them. What games are you playing that youre worried these are going to ruin gameplay? i cant see how these can have any effect on gameplay. Someone wanna fill me in please.

    EDIT: Thank you for those who reply, fuck you to the downvoters. Almost makes me root for the NFTs but idk what the fuck they are, or how theyll impact gaming. Lack of response shows you all dont either.

  • AnnaBohlic

    Progress is good. But not every new idea is guaranteed to succeed or be part of the future

    This is an Ode to every moron who spent generational money on jpegs

  • saurovaire

    I just want to see NFTs go further and see it die a chaotic death as an idea. There’s going to be so many armchair lawyers, armchair merchants and people pointing their fingers accusing others for ‘stealing’ this and that. They’re just going to eat themselves up.

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