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“It’s because you play to much video games”

“It’s because you play to much video games”

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  • wildarmeddragoon

    As a parent and a gamer trust me video games only hold you back. They’re fun, there’s no questioning that, but you could be exercising, reading a book or bunch of healthier stuff……so yeah listen to your parents kid.

  • AndiCrow

    I wonder if parents blame other hobbies (like stamp collecting or dried flower arrangement) for their kids failure to achieve their goals.

  • SourceThunderLight

    I got what i believe to be spermmatorhea when i was 15 and my parents still blamed video games, even though the doctor told them “nothing causes it, it just happens”

  • Aalnius

    tbf a lot of gamers play far too much to the point it does negatively impact their life. I say this as someone who does this as well. If i had never gotten into gaming i’d either be dead or doing much better in life.

  • Ares1935

    As I approach 40 and gain some wisdom of years… my parents constantly telling me to study more and play games less, were not wrong.

  • Electronic-Basket539

    This is a bit of a sour point for me. Ofc, playing too much is bad. But when I was a kid, my parents said that now was the time for study and I could play once I’m old and successful. However, after growing up, they said that gaming is a childish thing.
    Given that I’m grown up now, I decided to take my own feelings into account. Now, I do play, even though my parents frown upon it. Admittedly, being a gaming virgin, I lost control in the amount of time I played and became addicted, but now I’m trying to pull myself together again and be reasonable with my gaming time.

  • pfury

    Older man advise. Get a degree. Then you can be single and lonely for rest of your life play video games and argue on chats about bs until you are old.

  • Applauce

    *me getting migraines everyday as a kid*

    My parents: it’s because you’re in front of that computer and video games every day!

    Also my parents: encourage me to get a summer job where I’m in front of a computer all day, every day

    Granted, I really appreciate them encouraging me to get a job and helping me get one that paid well. But also as a solution to my migraines, I was confused.

  • DapperPerformance

    Maybe it’s worth taking a long hard look at yourself.

    Are you progressing with your education and / or career AND playing games in your spare time
    Are you just playing games all day long, letting everything else in your life rot and fall apart in the process?

  • Fiesteh

    If I finish my homework on time. Study everyday, do well on exams. Then my parents don’t say anything to me about video games.

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