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Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. Reality
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  • zedemer

    The trick with Santorini shown first is to avoid busy season – mid June to mid September. Was there beginning of June and it was good enough to move around easily and take pictures with just my wife and I

  • timebeing

    There is a cut in the second one. The mattress does not look to be the same space at the hut.

    The crowded shots are at sunset. And are compliantly different area. Greek islands have tons of places that look like the first shots.

  • coffeewithalex

    First half of the video looks like the instagram-darling Santorini, likely in Oia. The thing about that is that it’s popular, and gigantic cruise ships offload thousands of people to view the sunset in that tiny village, so the streets are so full, that if you faint due to the amount of people, you won’t be able to be carried away since the streets are packed and the average speed is 10 tiny steps per minute. It’s horrific! BUT, if you go downstairs from the street (where the video was taken), and go into one of the expensive hotels there, you can take such videos. But hotels with private pools can be thousands of dollars per night. So Instagram influencers rent a room, go in with 5 huge suitcases, a hairdo specialist and makeup artist, a photographer and 2 assistants, and proceed with hours of long work, of dress-up, different photos, to gain material that will be used for years ahead, for brand endorsement like “How does my hair look after I applied the L’idgaf conditioner?”.

    But, you can still get that experience without breaking the bank. Get a hotel anywhere else on the island (F*ck cruise ships, avoid them like the plague), take a bus to Fira for 1.60€, enjoy any of the restaurants with an even more amazing view than what you see in the video, and maybe if you’re up to it physically, take a 10km hike to Oia, that will give you stunning views with hardly any people. The whole island is beautiful, and you don’t need to get packed with people at the end of Oia to see it. Just watch the weather forecast – wind speeds in winter can be hurricane-like.

  • Sabotimski

    The first location is Oia, Santorini island, Greece. It is an infamous Insta spot and gets more than 10.000 tourists coming on day trips from cruise ships alone. I was there in 2020: no ships, no overseas tourists, it was amazing! Never going back unless there is another pandemic.

  • MikeV2

    The shack “interior” is clearly fake. Look at the cut from the stairs to the interior. The right wall should be flush with the door.

    Ironic for this account trying to call out insta for exaggerating lol.

    Edit: Apparently it IS real. My bad. It was just such a convenient cut, exactly how you would cut it if you were trying to fake it.

  • Fearlessly_Feeble

    The second one tho. If the only draw back is the bed isn’t the best I’m still down. Shit looks gorgeous and there wasn’t a huge crowd to ruin it.

  • rougecrayon

    It would be hilarious if she was insta and he was reality and they each did the same videos from different perspectives. I would follow that.

  • rellsell

    I was in Santorini back in April/May and it looked exactly like that… people everywhere. At the time, there were only two cruise ships in port. The following week, when the tourist season actually began, they would have seven to nine ships in port every day. Great money for the locals but not very enjoyable as a tourist.

  • Shmogt

    Lol the massive crowds is hilarious. Unless you’re paying a super huge amount to have a totally exclusive area it’s definitely gonna be crowded

  • TruckerTitties

    I was just in Santorini last week and we had a local guide take us to Oia and he said “don’t talk to anyone and follow me” and we skipped like 200 people in line for this really great photo area.

    Felt like a dick but I was just following orders.

    They really need to get the cruise ships under control.

  • No-Prize2882

    I hate these type of videos because the “honesty” they “try” to show is missing context and even made up. Many of these places are just as they are in the first shots if you go in the early morning or in the off season. Some can be obtained even during the “on” season if you pay a lot more money for private resorts, access, and areas. My wife did Santorini in May and achieved these pictures with no issues. That one with the hut in what I think is Bali is completely dishonest. I did that with my wife and unless your seeking out a hermit’s place or are a hiker choosing bare accommodations, they are pretty nice and crazy expensive. These videos only serve to be just as terrible and get cheap likes like the instagramers the wish to make fun of. I truly don’t see the value in faking and making fun of people who wish to have these experiences even if it may come off as corny.

  • Klepto666

    I don’t understand, the second one is 100% accurate. The “instagram” one shows the outside, the “reality” shows the outside, both are exactly the same. If anything the reality looks better due to the lighting. The only difference is the instagram one didn’t show the inside.

    You can’t take one comparison showing the same spots for “instagram vs reality,” and then do another comparison showing two completely different spots.

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