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Imagine not being able to hear the alien

Imagine not being able to hear the alien

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  • 6ixString_Samurai

    We had a ps1 with audio issues but it made Clock Tower a lot more fun with only the cursor changing colour to warn he was near

  • ricardoeclipseday

    Que burros da zero pra eles. Um diálogo entre duas peasoas: -vamos! -Sim! O tempo para e ou o que fazer não se fala o que seria? Pensamentos! Eu tento falar ninguém fala porque? Transferem pensamentos ou para um e outros trafegam sobre si e sobre a pista do lixo humanos!

  • Lynkboz

    Am profoundly deaf, can confirm. I had this experience with Amensia: The Dark Descent… Except that, later on, I was so aware how exposed I was in just stumbling into Grunts/Brutes as opposed to hearing them coming… My deafcentric jumpscares were more than I could handle, honestly… 😂

  • Pr0wzassin

    Honestly I think it would be easier for me if I couldn’t hear it. I went through a loading screen door after a very stressful part only to hear it imeidiatly after. I haven’t touched the game since then

  • Dr4zhar

    As much as I love the Alien franchise and I’m not usually scared about horror games, I will never play this game. No thanks.

  • pipboy_warrior

    This makes me wonder if there would be a way to replace the audio cues with something visual. Like a brief stutter on the screen to indicate where a sound was heard in your radius.

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