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I was caught browsing Reddit two years ago.

I was caught browsing Reddit two years ago.

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  • The_Primate

    Jesus Christ. I have never had and could never imagine having a job that subjected me to such twattery. Such an official and heavy handed response to looking at the internet.

  • BigBullMoose

    People used to play WoW in my old office lol. As long as the work got done, we were entirely free to use the systems how we wanted, as long as it wasn’t illegal.

  • ridicalis

    Programmer here, I’d wallow in despair if I didn’t have reddit to help me out. So many great communities and learning opportunities would be lost if I worked for a company like this.

  • brianfsanford

    It’s written like it’s trying to use sophisticated language to sound authoritative but it comes across otherwise.

  • NachoProblemz

    Should have said you were doing research… pretty much every time I Google something now I add Reddit so that I don’t get the useless gibberish of paid garbage and websites gaming Google’s organic ranking algorithm. Instead, I get people asking the question on Reddit with far more reliable responses and advice from actual people, not greedy corporations trying to get more clicks any way possible.

  • JH6JH6

    this is WILD that so many people wasted their time signing that shit.

    The IT department should be repremanded for not BLOCKING reddit if policy dictated that they should be doing so.

    Also this sounds like the worlds shittiest job.

    I used to work at a bank 15 years ago and we could only get to the banks INTRANET, that was terrible 🙂

  • Timely-Pepper533

    misdemeanor …

    the misdemeanor here is their waste of company resources to

    writtenly reprimand you.

    PlEaSe Be GuiDeD AccoRdIngLLY

  • jankhankrie

    2020, the year where during a pandemic, workplaces really started cracking down because they had nothing better to do than try and fire people. (Spoken from experience).

  • mrclean18

    If my job ever asked me, as a manager, to write up and sign something like this, I’d seriously contemplate what I’ve done in my life.

  • SemperScrotus

    Why go through the trouble of monitoring people’s browsing and issuing reprimands instead of just blocking the sites you don’t want them to use?

  • HDC3

    I worked as a log analyst for 7 years. I was often asked by managers for a record of what their employees were doing on the network. I told them that if the employee was not doing something illegal or against the usage policy that I could not provide logs. It was not my job to police how they were using their time, only to keep what they were doing legal.

    I saw some fucked up shit and was involved in some nasty investigating but I didn’t have the time or the inclination to do the managers jobs.

  • xpkranger

    It reads like it was written by some brand new HR employee that flunked out out of a 3rd tier toilet law school. Just gathered all the legalese wording they could find and dumped it on the page in a moldy word salad.

  • tomatuvm

    Had a job once where the owner called me in and handed me a printed out list of my most frequently visited websites.

    He was an alcoholic and a 2 pack a day smoker and I was planning on giving my notice anyway. I told him I only used the internet while he was on smoke breaks or at the bar and reading about sports seemed like a healthier way to keep my head clear.

    I told him I was willing to cut back on breaks if he was. He never mentioned it again.

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