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I saw a Dreamcast post and it brought me good memories… This game introduced me to the RPG games world, was launched 22 years ago and you could play online! (Phantasy Star Online 2)

I saw a Dreamcast post and it brought me good memories… This game introduced me to the RPG games world, was launched 22 years ago and you could play online! (Phantasy Star Online 2)

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  • Cynnabelle

    I loved me some PSO. Dreamcast and then ep 1 & 2 on Xbox, GameCube… I still have the games at least but it was so fun online! I know pso2 has been out for a bit but I hear mixed things about it. I’d hate to tarnish my memories.


    Who would have thought a game called Phantasy Star **Online** could be played online! Thanks for the that, OP.

    Great game though.

  • zacharyhs

    God… anyone else remember how awful trading was in this game? You would stand across a hallway from someone claiming to have an item for trade. You would both drop your items then run to opposite ends. So many scams happened.

  • lateral_moves

    For me, it was Phantasy Star 2. Phantasy Star 3 was also great. Then 4 came out at over 80 bucks and from then on they could just fuck off.

  • Joshin69

    everynow and then ill break out the gamecube and play this. It’s such an amazing game but the graphics did not age well lol. After a little bit It’s difficult to play.

    The variety of weapons and just freedom to run around with mates, they don’t make games like they used it. Would love a remake of this.

  • PhreakOne

    I got a used Dreamcast on the cheap when I was in high school because my friend wanted me to play this game and I fell in love with it! So many good memories.

  • Not-a-Fan-of-U

    PSO was my true introduction to grinding. I always thought Pokémon was the grindiest I’d ever get… I was horribly…. horribly wrong.

  • Hideyokidshidey0wife

    The double saber and getting your character “nulled” while using the free KMart and Netscape trial discs to get online and play.

  • Skwareblox

    I played unreal tournament goty then I went on my PC and played unreal tournament goty then in 2004 I bought unreal tournament. After that I got really sad because they stopped putting any effort into unreal tournament.

  • Urborg_Stalker

    My god…

    I *obsessed* over that game. I burned out 2 dreamcasts because of it, played upwards of 21 hours a day. Fell asleep with the controller in hand and would wake up a few hours later, continue playing. I mean…I don’t mean to brag but…I had Japanese players asking where I got stuff (okay yeah, bragging a little).

    It was absolutely unhealthy and damaged my school/social life in ways I still ponder on…but man did I love that game.

    Edit: Side note – When I played Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast I realized that the age of the arcade was coming to an end, because the game was better on the DC than it was in arcades.

  • EvoStarSC

    I have Phantasy Star Online: Ep1 & 2 on the GameCube, and I don’t even own a GameCube or Wii. I just had to have it for when i do have room to play it on a big old tube tv. I’ve tried upscalers but it just doesn’t look right on modern screens.

  • bastion89

    I still play this regularly on the Ephinea server. Active community with a small handful of tweaks (if you want them). There are still no games that have the companion raising mechanic that this game (and sonic adventure 2) had, and basically still no co-op multiplayer games with a defined class system in the modern day. Absolutely blows my mind how not a single developer, be it industry vet or indie, has made any attempts to continue where PSO left off*

    *PSO2 notwithstanding because its little more than a gacha infested skinnerbox with all of the horrible trappings of corporate psychologist-designed systems like dailies, seasonal battlepasses, premium currency etc

  • majorpickle01

    I remember this on xbox – you’d go to the store area and people would claim to be selling nudes for in game money.

    I wonder if anyone actually ever got nudes lmao

  • peeshivers243

    I spent my entire Junior High playing this game on GameCube.

    Ironic part is, I didn’t have internet, but played it mostly solo and occasionally locally with a friend, so never got the actual online experience.

    Finally getting that with PSO2 NGS though

  • VegetableAd986

    Reminds me of when my high level character was hacked my first time going online…and turned into a lvl 5 little girl with an umbrella…

  • el_vato_de_lentes

    Considering at that time the internet was very slow and therefore expensive. I’m sure that there were people who needed a server for that purpose. On the other hand, I’m seeing the gsme was available un varios languages. Interesting.

  • undead77

    My favorite game of all time. It was really ahead of it’s time for a console game, just like the Dreamcast was. Too bad SEGA was already done for when the console launched pretty much.

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