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I mixed up the two more than once

I mixed up the two more than once

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  • Sefera17

    Though in hindsight, I now feel like The Outer Worlds was made to compete with Starfield, or vice versa. They definitely aren’t the same, but there are *so many* similarities, it feels almost like the Fallout 3 to NV comparison again; really uncanny.

  • treazon

    Yea this didn’t do Outer Wilds any favors, one of the many reasons it flew so far under the radar at release. It wasn’t until the constant and overwhelming amount of positive praise that people started paying attention to Wilds.

    I have beaten both games, Outer Worlds is a fine Bethesda like adventure, solid 7.5/10. Outer Wilds is one of the best games ever made, it is solidly a 10/10 in my opinion.. everyone should play it.

  • Outrageous-Arugula89

    I really was disappointed by the outerworlds like I didn’t give it a full playthrough chance but I found the weapons were all similar and boring the gun play was boring the diologue was fun but found the world’s were mostly eh and all the enemies are the exact same no matter what planet you go to and I felt there was alot more they could do bit it seemed to of fell really short with me

  • Siolentsmitty

    Do you get Star Wars and Firefly confused as well? A Bugs Life and Antz? He-Man and LOTR? Apples and oranges? Apples and *Astrophysics*? Like, I’m just trying to figure out how big a divide has to be before you notice it.

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