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I don’t even own Modern Warfare 3. Why am I getting updates for it? What’s going on guys?

I don’t even own Modern Warfare 3. Why am I getting updates for it? What’s going on guys?

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  • CommanderSabo

    You can’t play MW2 without it from what I read on here this morning.

    People were saying the MW3 downloaded, and then they had to re download MW2. About 210gb total.

  • Apellio7

    They want CoD to be the only game installed on your console.

    When MW4 launches next year you’ll need 2, 3, 4 installed at the same time.

    But really it’s cause of Warzone. Both are linked. So you need both games to play it lol.

  • Rolf_Dom

    That’s just the future. Latest AAA releases will now install on their own, and you just get the bill in the mail. You must first pay the bill, then send in 3 different forms, with various information, to confirm that you do not in fact want the game. In which case you fill be refunded the payment within 1 year of the documents arriving. If you accidentally launched the game, then your refund request is invalid.

  • MR_MEME_42

    Warzone content.

    The same thing happened with MW19 where they added the CW and Vanguard content to MW19 for Warzone. Due to how MW22 is new the “CoD HQ” they are just changing the icons and stuff to MW23 and updating MW22.

  • Hopediah_Planter

    this has to be like when Ryan (The Office) had all the sales people enter any sale they made in person again on the website to inflate the numbers and make him look good. Like they are forcing everyone who owns MW2 to download MW3 as an update and are going to use the metric of ‘downloads’ in a financial report or some shit.

  • ZaDu25

    Activision merging their games so they can spam you with advertisements to buy it and eat up so much storage space you feel obligated to buy MW3 so you at least have access to the content they stored in your SSD.

  • Proud_Criticism5286

    This is literally the most convoluted thing I’ve ever seen in game period & I had to get the special card to play majora’s mask. 😂😂😂

  • ClarenceLe

    Actual Answer:

    MW22 components, which are DMZ, Multiplayer, and Warzone, are now only accessible through MW3 menu.

    This is because all the menu buttons has been deleted for MW22 and moved to MW3, making it the default launcher for both games.

    This means that, to access Warzone, you need to open MW3 first, then click the button to launch Warzone, which will close MW3 and open ONLY the Warzone part of MW22. Then, to play MW22 Multiplayer or DMZ from Warzone menu, you need to close MW22 and reopen MW3 to be able to find the button to select them, which once again will close MW23 and open ONLY the DMZ or the Multiplayer part of MW22.

    The diagram is something like this:

    To play Warzone only:

    – MW3 open > Pick Warzone > MW3 close > MW22 Warzone Open

    To switch from Warzone to DMZ:

    – MW22 Warzone > MW22 close > MW3 open > Pick DMZ > MW3 close > MW22 DMZ open

    Hope this explains it.

  • Lumpy_Complaint_718

    Always amazes me how many shit sandwiches your average call of duty player will eat to get their yearly fix of generic military shooter action

  • TruthOrSF

    Another day, another person shocked by Activisions anti-gamer, anti-consumer decisions

    Keep taking their drugs, you addicts. Then cry about it like no one saw it coming.

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