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House of the Dragon – Inside the Episode 1.05

House of the Dragon – Inside the Episode 1.05

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  • shoojx

    I noticed I was casually rooting for the characters that had the most air time, because more air time equals more time to invest in them, but now I’m starting to see that I should be rooting for Alicent.

    So now internally, I struggle with strangely rooting for Matt Smith’s character, who is such a shit on a stick, but such a deeply flawed character, played by a special actor. Bring back the long hair, Matt… and then in yesterday’s show, I realized Alicent was the only real one with any morals — whatever that means. And so I go on… looking to rationalize who and why i hope for any person in this show to be successful.

  • droolingalarmist

    Not a single character I care about yet. If the jump forward doesn’t make some of these characters more interesting or worth rooting for I’ll probably cut bait before the finale.

  • larry_nightingale

    I realize this isn’t GoT, and I shouldn’t expect this group of characters to be similar. But I wish the show had at least one giant kicking people’s asses like the Mountain or the Hound. All the tough guys are short or waifish.

  • Radulno

    Clare Kilner is a great newcomer to the GoT universe. Her two episodes (this one and last week one) were great. She’s also back for E9 and we all know what E9 means for GoT

  • dominic_tortilla

    What tf were other knights thinking letting Cole walk away like that? Is this how make your guests feel safe? If this shit happened during my rule I would murder him with my own hands.

  • Hammer7000

    40 minutes of nothing and boring dancing. 5 minutes of a dude beating up another dude….

    Boring ass episode with a little bit of action and this is one of the highest rated episodes??

  • jak_d_ripr

    Really sucks seeing the relationship between Rhenaera and Allicent fall apart, I really wish Rhanaera had just been honest with her about the one Knight stand, but judging from the end of this episode and the trailer for next week the relationship appears to have been irreparably damaged.

  • Varekai79

    Check out the ~25 minute behind the scenes episodes they’re doing for each episode as well, called “The House That Dragons Built”. They go in depth on how the artists created and filmed key scenes from each episode. The amount of depth and complexity is staggering.

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