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he did it without taking a single hit

he did it without taking a single hit

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  • Neville_Lynwood

    I remember playing arcades and old “one hit restart” NES games. Can’t say I’d have any confidence in trying to do any modern games hitless though.

    The issue is that those old games were designed to be beaten like that. While modern games are designed around your character getting beaten around like a ragdoll and then healing up and being fine 5 seconds later.

  • RaijinOkami

    *Me when my youngest niece boots up StarFox 64 and tries to square up on Star Wolf on Fortuna, then comes asking for help*

    ‘Stand back kid.. I got it’

  • QuinSanguine

    But when you were a kid you actually beat your uncles. Something about growing up in the late 80s and 90s that molded gamer gods. So many controllers my dad and uncles broke after raging trying to beat me at Street Fighter, Mk and Killer Instinct.

    The kids in my family are starting to discover fighting games, especially the ones like Injustice and Marvel.

    Oh baby. Lol

  • Styx_Zidinya

    I did this with my nephew. He’s 9 and I always go easy on him when we play multiplayers and he genuinely thought I wasn’t very good. Then he watched me play DS3 one day and after he watched me defeat the twin princes pretty handily, he said “you let me win, don’t you?” It broke my heart, because he sounded so defeated.

    It’s partially true. The little fucker is a prodigy at Smash Bros and my old ass eyes can barely keep track of my character on the screen lol.

  • Successful-Whole4307

    I remember renting games from Blockbuster and trying to beat them in a week because I’d have to return them

  • seconDisteen

    I’ve had the opposite experience. I played a shit ton of games since the 90s/NES and usually beat most of them. but now I go back and try to play NES/SNES games at my nephew’s house and can barely beat a single level.

  • Whismurr_

    Once when I was younger, I was super stuck on Maglor Soul, I went to my father and asked for help. He proceeded to absolutely whoop Maglor’s ass, taking exactly one hit.

    The only Kirby game he ever played was Kirby super star back when it first came out.

  • stidavid123

    No kidding. Unfortunately I’m that uncle, and I can remember playing games like Mortal Kombat and things like Carnevil, I actually got really good at CarnEvil and now this post makes me feel really old, thanks guys😬😬😬😬

  • SubconsciousAlien

    No joke but my friend who I hate cause when he drops in ( yes it is kind of like Seinfeld or Friends) he just grabs the controller if I’m gaming. No matter what game (including FromSoftware games) he kills the boss without knowing the controls or anything about the game which I have been struggling for with half an hour.

  • MRezmir

    I was born in the height of the rental era, molded by it. I didn’t buy games till I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but game sales…

    The fact I played through most of Dark Souls with only a few rare deaths on my first run was impeccable. Maximo/Ghost’s & Goblins’ taught me well….

  • sirZofSwagger

    Showing the young children in my family secrets in DK country has made them assume I am a genius. Wish I was half the man they think i am

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