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Has aim assist become stronger recently across games? Why is there so much controversy now? I never remember it being such a hot subject.

Has aim assist become stronger recently across games? Why is there so much controversy now? I never remember it being such a hot subject.

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  • Zimitee14

    Reason it wasnt a problem was because cross platform hasnt been a thing till kinda recent. So playing against pc players is what has caused issues.

  • rejuicekeve

    In games where there is both mkb and controller the aim assist is typically way too generous to the point where competitive players actively play controller over mkb for accuracy and head shots. This was a big problem in destiny 2 and the new halo

  • Oddgamereddit

    The day where you never need to use the right stick is the day aim assist is broken. Saints Row 2022 has such an example

  • MinTock

    Going from controller to mnk is tough but not so tough that you can’t practice and never go back. I did it and it was weird and tough but now I wouldn’t consider going back to a controller. Cheers!

  • Anonoodle78

    It really depends on the game imo. Some games have much stronger aim assist where this is the case, but some don’t.

    Overwatch 2 is a good example. Aim assist is definitely noticeable, but most people still suck at aiming with controller vs mkb. Playing as Pharah is way easier in console pool than pc.

  • -regaskogena

    My take from my days in college based on Halo 1 and 2.

    Halo 1 had a slightly sticky aim box when you crossed over players. A good player though could still take on 3 or 4 mediocre players and kill them all. In Halo 2 they buffed the aim assist and a good player vs 2 mediocre players would often only be able to kill one of them. So in that instance boosting aim assist was a huge negative for good players, but probably made pvp more enjoyable for the masses.

  • Agimamif

    Classic “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

    Labeling someone wrong, or in this case: bad at playing videogames with a controller, if they dont share your opinion, is a bad premise to an argument.

  • Aggravating-Zebra566

    The biggest difference between aim assist and MNK is that you don’t have to be as consistent with a controller to achieve high results since so much of the burden of aiming is taken away from you.

    With keyboard and mouse yes you can be far far more nutty but that’s at peak near inhuman performance levels which most people will never achieve or reach consistently. With a mouse it’s all up to you and so fluctuations happen way more. The computer takes away lots of human error and as a mouse and key board player who’s just switched back to controller it is super noticeable how strong aim assist is these days.

    In essence you don’t have to put nearly as much time in on controller as you do on pc in order to achieve great results.

  • BlitzkriegBen

    I dunno. I tuned my auto-aim in MW2 (on Xbox) to what the community suggested was the best tuning and I still suck at aiming, so… 🤷‍♂️

  • Pontooniak96

    Doc trying his damndest to stay relevant and maintain engagement.

    What do people *actually* want when they take a shot at controller players? Like stop b*tching and start suggesting.

    Want controllers to lose aim assist? Congrats, M/KB players now have the crutch of snappy non-analog movement.

    Want controllers to go non-analog? Dope, lets ship every console with a Steam controller.

    But wait, that touch pad is way smaller than a mouse pad or laptop touchpad. They’ll have a handicap.

    You just want controller players to play on M/KB, but why? Like you’re whining about something you’ll never be able to change. Only thing you can change is your playstyle.

    If you get mad at controller players and think aim assist is the issue, you can *always* hook up a controller of your own. Nothing is stopping you, unless you think you’ll suck on that too.

    I’m just so tired of hearing this. It’s a decade old argument, probably longer.

  • jrude83

    Issue is the crossplay lobbies and there not being any toggle or setting to only play against mouse or controller explicitly. Controller aim-assist magnetism IS strong, it always was. It’s a more obvious when you’re playing on mouse against controller users. It’s funny coming from Doc, because he has sponsors for both.

  • ShuggaShuggaa

    yep apex legends do this, also halo infinity have aim assist on ridiculous lvl, where average joe on controller has a higher acc then top pc player rotfl, its a joke at this point. They have been catering to noobs for years now.

  • a-very-angry-crow

    I tend to take this guy’s opinion as a “I dislike it, definitely means that the thing is bad and not me” because he’s a bit of a cunt

  • Hranica

    I’d just like the option to turn off crossplay on PC like we had a few short weeks ago in the beta.

    If not for the aim assist discussion for the fact that PlayStation users mics are on 24/7 and I’d prefer not muting my whole team every game just so I don’t hear everything twice through their tvs or their gross mouth sounds.

  • TheManicac1280

    The whole divide and labeling yourself a “controller player” or “mouse and keyboard” player has always seemed ridiculous. They speak as if it’s their race.

    But what’s even more ridiculous is if controllers are so OP, why don’t you just buy one? If you care so much about being competitive in the game. It’s like a receiver in the NFL not wearing gloves and complaining about how good people with gloves do.

  • M1ken1ke66

    I remember seeing something about how 23 of the top 25 PC players in apex now play with controller, after previously having played with mouse and keyboard.

  • ReadABookandShutUp

    Because they cranked it up to literal aimbot levels for mw2. The level of aim assist the last few years has been annoying, but tolerable, but it’s completely insane in mw2. Despite half the players in a lobby being on pc, I rarely see more than 1 or 2 of them using m&k. There’s videos of streamers with their thumb completely off the right stick tracking a fast moving target and hitting every shot.

  • dukezap1

    I mean I’ve watched CS:GO players practicing headshots in aim lab. Controllers literally can’t do what M&K can do. The aim assist is needed if they’re being put into the same lobbies like on CoD

  • JadedTourist

    Let me turn off crossplay so that me and aim assist console players can get away from third monitor wall hacks, auto lock, etc etc on the computer.

    Your terms are acceptable.

  • TA2556

    Of course it doesn’t. If it takes skill someone might put it down.

    If they put down the game, they may be less likely to generate ad revenue and purchase additional content via microtransactions.

    It isn’t about making good games anymore. It isn’t even about having fun anymore or creating quality content.

    It’s about that sweet, sweet revenue.

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