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Happens to me while playing 6siege

Happens to me while playing 6siege

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  • youdoitimbusy

    It was a solid game for the first couple years. After that it became the most toxic place I’ve ever seen. I can’t play ot anymore.

  • brutalblamite

    I played halo multiplayer with one of my friends (we were on the same team), and every time he got a kill, he bragged about how good at games he is, but every time he died, he ranted about how horrible the game is and how the other team is totally hacking you guys.

  • BubbaYoshi117

    Happened to me in a Horizon Tour in Forza Horizon 5 today. The Tour was restricted to A Class cars, so I got into my Nissan 370z NISMO, which is my go-to A Class car, and start the Horizon Tour. The “choose your car” prompt comes up, but I for some reason can’t see the “current car” tab at the top. This, coupled with the short countdown timer and my Asperger’s, triggers a mild panic, and I choose the first A Class that I know is tuned. That turns out to be the Warthog from Halo. I bump a teammate’s Lamborghini Diablo during a race, and I see a quick chat “Watch it!” pop up.

    My friend, the Warthog is not a cornering master. Anybody who plays Halo can tell you that. Anybody who knows anything about 5,000lb vehicles traveling over 100 miles per hour can tell you that. I’m so sorry I put a scratch on your make-believe car in the process of us winning the race.

    I think you’ll survive.

  • IceColdPorkSoda

    I’m sorry I said all those horrific things to you in MW2. I was stupid and in college. I’ll still t-bag you though

  • dynamic424

    Happened when my brother was playing apex, he was playing with randos, and he said “holys shit how are you that bad” and the dude typed “idk man sorry” My brother had no clue his mic was on, the last 3 teammates could hear his shitalk.

  • splitfire1997

    Funny how the ‘hardcore’ end up killing the game by driving away players. Dont complain unless your willing to show them the ropes to make them better, or buckle up your big boy/girl pants and show them how its done. Your entire team sucks? Well pull a clutch or just exit to matchmaking. Or heres a magical idea, maybe people wanna play for fun.

  • Riaayo

    People who talk shit on teammates are losers. Doesn’t make it not hurt but just remember while you may be failing at the game, they’re failing at the game of life by acting like such huge shitheads.

    Nobody that’s content with themselves acts that way. It’s always miserable people, even if they aren’t entirely conscious of their misery.

  • masterbard1

    Literally me after 4 wrist surgeries on my right hand. Lost sensitivity and a lot of mobility in my thumb index and middle finger. Can no longer play like I used to but I try my best. regardless, no matter how hard I try, I can never play like I used to and it stresses me like you can’t imagine. I used to be extremely good in many games specially fps. Now I am below average.

  • Thx4Coming2MyTedTalk

    Sometimes in League my teammates will say I must be a bot, and I won’t say anything because I’d rather they think I’m a bot than a real boy who sucks at gaming.

  • kelgo

    This is why the only FPS I ever played and enjoyed it is TF2 because 99% of the time no one gives a flying shit if you are good or not they just have fun.

  • Xynrae

    I hear ya. I love the concept of Siege but murder holes and people with super-human reaction times mean I’m just a weight for the team to pull.


    Apex in a nutshell.

    I recently started playing here and there after taking 2 seasons off of it and people assume I’m competent. It’s amusing to me. lol

    Casual PVPer signing off.

  • Deputy_Danger73

    Yeah Seige is one of those games i refuse to play unless i’ve got 3 other friends playing with me.

    It’s a toxic cesspit rivaled only by the likes of GTAO or Rocket League.

  • ChaosMiles07

    Guess then I’ll play single player games instead.

    “Lol dead game” “why aren’t you speedrunning this?” “If you don’t do this glitch you’re a loser”

    … Maybe I’ll go read a book instead.

  • Srakin

    Just play a game that encourages a better community. I’ve played a ton of online games and it always comes down to how the game itself works mechanically. Lots of games try to curb toxicity in various ways, but at the core of the issue you’ll find that if a game promotes co-operative play and encourages players to work together, but doesn’t put weight on the “team” to be able to complete tasks, you’ll find those environments are FAR less toxic than competitive environments or environments that require strict teamwork.

    So real quick, in order, the multiplayer games I have played for a minimum of 500 hours:

    League of Legends: Even I look back and cringe at being such an asshole sometimes and everyone that knew me made fun of me for being “too nice.” Thank the combination of competition and teamwork for creating the most toxic gaming community I’ll hopefully ever be a part of.

    Call of Duty MW2: This place was every bit as bad as they say it is, but luckily I was on PC so the number of screaming, raging 10-year-olds was minimal.

    Call of Duty MW1: I mostly played big team deathmatch or FFA. Most people were just there to have fun, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as MW2

    Guild Wars 1: I played as much of this game solo as possible but still made friends and had a good time with most people. There were some exceptions but if you avoided the hardest content or the highest end PvP (which was the main focus of the game) it was very good.

    Guild Wars 2: Everyone I met was a treat to talk to here. I made some great friends even if they didn’t stay with me forever. The devs really went the extra mile to make the game co-op friendly and it shows…and is reflected in how players treat each other in game.

    Warframe: Hands down the best online community I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone works together, new players are cherished and old vets hand free stuff out to respectful newbies all the time. It’s the only game I’ve had to barter in trading to get them to lower the amount they wanted to give me, and I’ve been on both sides of that argument more than once. The “co-op but minimal strict teamwork required” model of gameplay really reinforces the communal nature of the playerbase imo.

  • CttCJim

    That’s why I quit league. And Overwatch. And tf2. There’s only so far you can go before you have to move to more competitive and then it’s no fun.

  • Zaelers

    I’m not gonna lie, I am probably on the toxic side of this exchange, but I only ever say something to people who are being rude or mean on top of being bad at the game. The picture of the crying cat, for the first time – for whatever reason, made me think of the people behind the screen just trying to have fun like everyone else and that maybe they have been abused too many times by people just letting it rip when they underperform and now that’s how they act.

    I’m just gonna pretend it’s someone’s kitten instead from now on and try to reform…

  • muffinman282

    Only pros should care if they’re playing well or not. The best gamer is the one having the most fun, why else play?

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