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Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary

Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary

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  • catsarecewl

    Half Life 2 still is my favorite game. It was so ahead of it’s time. I remember all my friends in college were playing Halo 2. I showed them HL2 and they were stunned. It seemed light years ahead of everything else at the time.

  • GoldenJoel

    If you’ve tried to get into Half-Life and found it too dated, Black Mesa is a fantastic substitute.

    I’ll always take the original myself though.

  • nowtayneicangetinto

    For those of us fortunate enough to live through the initial release of Half-Life, it was something to behold. It sparked a gaming revolution. The game itself was a hit, but the engine they provided and the modding that they intentionally allowed was something that deserves mention. It spawned so many games that either stuck around or influenced the games we have now.

    I look back very fondly to the days of Half-Life, the internet was not what it is now and it truly felt like a new frontier in human history, and in some extremely dorky and awesome way, it was.

  • CarnivorousVegan

    The original Half Life is still a decent game these days, but to understand how groundbreaking it was you had to experience it when it came out in 1998 or in the early 2000s

    I was lucky enough to have played it in my teens when it came out and it was without a doubt a mind-blowing experience, the way the game immersed you into the gameplay was absolutely groundbreaking at the time.

    On top of that the multiplayer mode was so good, we would carry our CRT monitor everywhere, just to play it with friends in LAN parties.

    On the tech side the game was so well built, the mod community kept reinventing the game. For reference, Counter-Strike was initially a mod for Half Life multiplayer and the rest is history.

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