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Grow Unlimited Rosemary From Cuttings….Every Time!

Grow Unlimited Rosemary From Cuttings….Every Time!

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  • zungumza

    No need for water and extra steps – I did it by just sticking it in the ground where I wanted it, outside, in the UK Autumn.

    3/6 survived, so you can just plant many more than you want and keep the ones that work, or thin if needed.

  • MelbourneLiver

    Great video! I failed my last attempt at propagating rosemary. Can you change the water too much?

    I’ve got 5 cuttings in water right now, based in Australia. As well as 10 tomato, and 2 basil.


    I just want delicious herbs and veges!

    It’s so much fun to watch these grow.

  • Acceptable_Rabbit734

    Actual interesting video with positive vibes.

    Too bad this sub feeds off drama and rage so the little kids will downvote this.

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