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Gotta be one of my favorite genders

Gotta be one of my favorite genders

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  • gagfam

    Ranni is a moon worshiper and her ending leaves the world with problems that the inhabitants can’t solve. Basically she is the dragon girl from game of thrones on steroids.

  • Sinders-

    I cannot even begin to explain how much of a different level Kreia is on.

    Ranni is a character with very little actual personality. Almost all of her interactions are about what she did/is going to do and not actually who she is.

    She also jumps wildly in tone and personality on the fly, especially if your go to her after completing Rogier’s quest. And what’s worse? her dialogue was horribly mistranslated, especially the ending. So what little she had going for her was lost in translation.

    Remember the old Plinkett adage? try and describe her without talking about what she looks like, what her job/role is, what she did or what she wears…I’ll wait.

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