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Ghosts – Series 4 Trailer (Premieres September 23 on BBC)

Ghosts – Series 4 Trailer (Premieres September 23 on BBC)

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    I hope they show some of the caveman’s back story this time round. He’s my favourite character, but we’ve never seen any of his history.

  • mikexmachina

    I couldn’t get into the US version, but very much a fan of the original. Also, seeing past Taskmaster contestants pop up alongside Charlotte, Lolly and Katy is always a good time.

  • stalkythefish

    Love this show, and I find that the US version is (unexpectedly) just as good and has developed some of its characters more and started to explore the ramifications of having this particular “superpower”. Probably because of the higher seasonal episode count. The two versions are almost complimentary to one-another. Imagine a crossover episode!

  • BalsamicBasil

    Ahhhhh I just finished Season 3, what fortunate timing! Can’t wait until it’s available on HBO Max (which I know will be a while longer 🙁 )

  • ChronoMonkeyX

    Nice! I just checked HBO Max yesterday to see if there was more yet, I love this show, but British shows tend to disappear without a word.

  • callmemacready

    Englishman living in the US and love the show, great for when feeling a little home sick. Type of show we would watch as kids with family

  • prince_of_gypsies

    I don’t understand how people can watch, or even *prefer* the US version. The lighting alone made me want to turn it off.

    Very glad the original is still on.

  • AussieHawker

    Honestly, I know everybody loves to rag on about the UK version is always better than the US version for every show, but I honestly preferred the US version of Ghosts. So much of the costumes and a lot of the humour bits are recycled from Horrible Histories, so it felt way more repetitive, at least for me who watched a lot of that when I was youger. The US version actually put some effort into the outfits.

    But generally, I just found the cast and characters more appealing in the US version. Kitty, the Poet, the maid, and a lot of the lady of the house’s bits I found more annoying than humorous. The Ghosts US sometimes had individually weak plots or subplots, but I like all the Ghosts way more (well except the Plague Ghost lady who comes upstairs, who is playing the same role she always seems to play). While the UK version, a fair bit of the time didn’t feel like characters but recycled bits or improv. They developed them more, while the UK version seems to stay pretty stuck to their original concept.

    Aside from how the cast plays them, I also like the selection of ghosts better. I feel the Revolutionary war works better for the flamboyant gay military officer, and the subplot with the British Officer works well, given the military culture of the time. A Viking and Native American work better than a stereotype caveman and are closer to the other ghosts. I like the fiance bro better than the Tory politician. etc.

    Also, I like Rose McIver a lot and only started watching the show, because I liked Izombie. And Brandon Jones was great on The Good Place.

    It’s not to say that the US version is high art, but it’s a solid sitcom that could improve.

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