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Games I want remade/remastered for modern consoles Part 2

Both of these games have so much potential, but it falls short at poor framerates and a lack of movement. The gunplay is sick though.

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  • Alastor3

    I don’t think a remaster would do them honor, the type of game that aged poorly because of the controls mostly, would be down for a remake à la Dead Space/RE4

  • Repulsive-Midnight60

    I remember when the first one came out, I was in 6th grade and was completely amazed at the graphics back then. Ah! You’ve brought back memories. Yeah I agree with you, a new game from these guys would be so cool.

  • Phlanix

    I played them both when they were released. the games are good, but the movement was clunky and slow in many areas.

    If they remake it they would need to fix quite a bit of things.

  • Madterps2021

    LostPlanet is kind of meh in terms of gameplay. If we’re looking at solely Capcom game, Dino Crisis and Resident Evil Code Veronica should be way more of a priority than this.

  • PineappleLemur

    I just want a new Lost Planet.

    1 was great, 2 was weird and 3 was just a different game.

    They all hold up today 2 as Capcoms engine even back then looked really good and worked smooth.

    A new game with everything they learned from MH:W movement and the graphics/performance of that engine would be really sweet.

  • Sleepy_Demon

    Man, If we’re talking about about Capcom games that need a remaster it would definitely be Viewtiful Joe. Such a great 2D action game with interesting mechanics.

    Just upscale the graphics for all I care. I just want the convenience of playing it on a modern console.

  • peltorit

    It says a lot about the current situation of AAA games when people want remakes of good older games rather than the new shit most of the companies push.

  • Impressive-loads

    I had a dream the first one was remade and I launched out of bed thinking it had been made and I just forgot. That was a looong ass day

  • JgdPz_plojack

    Identity crisis by braindead Halo/Call of Duty moments (late 2000s-early 2010s). Capcom was trying to get away from Monster Hunter in a triple A PS3/X360 sensation.

  • ElElefantes

    LP2, one of my all time favourites. I’m still butthurt over how massively underrated it was, and would buy a remake blindly in no time

  • Omniscientcy

    I really, really don’t want these to be remade/remastered, and here’s why. It actually has nothing to do with these 2 games specifically, I played the first one and loved it, missed the second and I think I’m gonna go dust off my Xbox, buy it and play it. It does have to do with another rant I went on for someone else saying they hope we get a chrono trigger remake, which we won’t, big established game companies don’t like taking risks anymore and remaster are an easy cash grab. Modern Warfare 1-3 have been re-released in the last 4 years and 2-3 are more expensive now than when I bought them years ago, for the same game with some polish. Dead Space was recently re-released and they did upgrade some things, made it for the modern engines, gave Isaac a voice, changed the map layout SLIGHTLY to take away the tram more or less, but essentially the same game that I bought back in the day, just significantly more expensive. Secret of Mana re-released with some polish, a couple exploits removed, for the better, for I think the same price as when I got it as a kid. Trials of Mana was completely reworked from the ground up, except for the story, and plays like an entirely different game, and when it came out it was only $40, which was weirdly low price but a pleasant surprise. Even Mario RPG that just came out has a shit ton of reviews all saying how it stays true to the classic with just modern looks and 1-2 things added, for the same price as when it came out in the 90s. It might just sound like I’m bitching about the price, which I am and I’m not. All of these remasters, not remakes, that are coming out I have the same complaint for; the story is already there, the game mechanics are already there, the world/local/battle maps are already there, the level design, character design, controls, UI, main quests, side quests, leveling and scaling systems, all items consumable/equipable/collectable are there already, 95% of the game is already finished before they even start working on these remasters, why am I spending $60-$90?

    I don’t want a lost planet 1-2 remaster because those games still look good, and a remaster will be like $70 for the same experience. A remake on the other hand, like FF7, I have no problem paying full price for, because it’s an entirely different game and it’s ambitious. If Trials of Mana was $60 I would have paid that with no complaints, because even though the story, world map and local maps are the same, the game play itself is so different and new that you can’t even tell the local maps are the same, except for in the towns kinda, and it was a little ambitious. If I’m gonna be spending full price for a new game, I want a new game, give me Mario RPG 2, gimme lost plant 4, pretend dead space 3 doesn’t exist and give us a different dead space 3 because people already pretend 3 doesn’t exist. Don’t give me something that I can pull off my shelf and dust off and get the same experience, give me a new story, a new world, and new anything with these million dollar budgets from these big AAA game companies. Because I’m also noticing that some of these remasters I’m not finishing, because I’ve already spent the money on them before, and more importantly the time on them, I already know the story so there’s no mystery or anything, I know what’s coming next, and there’s no learning curve or challenge because I already know how the game plays and how to fight the bosses and enemies.

    And that’s my Ted talk, I just kinda had to get that out of my system.

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