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From 0-to-100 really quick!

From 0-to-100 really quick!

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  • Straightup32

    Honestly this killed me on the game. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I got beat up by this guy a bunch, went around him and explored and found a dragon who messed me up too. After not knowing what to do for a couple hours, I called it.

  • phlegmah

    Nah man, years of gaming told me that the big ass dude on his big ass horse with a big ass shield and big ass spear right outside the starting area is a trap.

    …who am I kidding. I knew and still tried it.

  • pwnstar

    My first 5 minutes was trying to kill the guy who called me maidenless right away. Took a good while but I got him! Not worth

  • GammyToaster

    My brother and I tried so many times to kill that guy when he first got the game. We hadn’t yet realized that we could just… Not fight him.

  • idwtumrnitwai

    I spent like an hour and a half fighting this dude on my first character before doing anything else, once I finally got him I spent the next 5 hours just exploring limgrave.

  • Saviens_Lay

    Managed to not fight him until after the trap chest sent me to Caelid where I found the rot puppy summon. Gave him the rot then ran away like a bitch until he died

  • MSCowboy

    My first game was DS3 and I thought I was hot shit coming from Monster Hunter where there’s like 2 i frames in a dodge. I was wrong and Gundyr pushed my shit in for hours. But it was an amazing experience.

    So when I walked out into the fields and saw that golden boy, I knew it was my Gundyr. It took hours again and I respawned on the hill every time because I didn’t even look around enough to find the grace right behind him. I knew I could go do the open world thing but there was no proceeding until he was dead. Later I killed him on my first try in front of friends who just got the game and I guess that’s why suffering pays off babyyyy

  • Opposite-Alfalfa4884

    I was literally raging at first lol. First “souls” type game. I thought for sure I had to defeat him and I was like this game is stupid AF.

    Then I went to YouTube and laughed at myself

  • extrasmurf

    So apparently I’m an idiot because I didn’t know this guy existed until about 10 hours in. I got out of the training dungeon and turned right, never went to the church, didn’t see this guy.

  • bossmt_2

    Everyone tried it. He’s just there the camera wants you to go that way.

    My first playthrough I didn’t know that the Weeping Peninsula existed for a real long time. Like I want to say I got to mountaintop of the giants before I found out it existed. Nothing quite like hitting your head over and over again on Stormveil Castle. I think I honestly spent like 20 hours trying to bash my head through it. Like 4 hours alone just beating the black knight. Before saying screw it and cheesing the combat by back stabbing and running away and repeating.

    Some enemies have my number and heavy armored enemies are one of them.

  • BoxTalk17

    I watched a walk through the day it released (I didn’t pick up the game until 2 months after). But, being that Dark Souls 3 throws you into a boss battle after taking 3 steps, I see why people challenged the Tree Sentinel.

  • Mister_Clemens

    As a Dark Souls vet, I walked right up to Tree Sentinel on my first playthrough and…got my ass handed to me in 12 seconds.

  • xLykos

    I was bound and determined to kill this dude first thing just to flex on my friends who said it was impossible. I thought I had got gud enough from beating the 3 previous dark souls, but alas, I was forsaken. A pathetic Maidenless

  • ImDeadGuy

    During a family reunion my cousin brought over his PS4 and was trying to beat Melina, I sat next to him for about half an hour watching him use blood loss and like 5 other buffs, eventually he gave up and asked me if I wanted to try since I’ve never played Elden Ring. So I made a new character, went through the little forest bit, cleared out the little camp on the other side, started through the huge stone ravine entrance thing, saw the big guy and immediately turned around, decided to go back towards the start and went into the goblin catacombs area, died like 10 times, gave up and went back to the camp, cleared it out again and saw this guy out in the field, somehow managed to kill him first try and my cousin was losing his mind over it, died about 5 minutes later and never played again.

    Great game

  • BobertMann

    It’d be an entirely different story if you could unhorse that guy like you can the Monty Python ass Night knight on the bridge. Man I hope they put more horseman full-tilt combat bosses. Come on, lemmie Don Quixote some windmill beasts.

  • BiggieRickk

    First ever time playing elden ring, I streamed it for my friends who still replay it over and over. Rammed my head against him for an hour or so before I finally got him.

  • AMDIntel

    Nah, I didn’t bother with him for a long time. Reminded me of a Golden Lynel in Breath of the Wild, so I avoided it out of precaution.

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