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Friendly reminder from one of the biggest football clubs BVB in Germany

Friendly reminder from one of the biggest football clubs BVB in Germany

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  • smhfc

    Well done BVB!!!!

    I’m sure those Cambodian PUMA sweatshop workers sewing replica BVB shirts are fucking thrilled you are standing up for those slaves workers in Qatar.

    Oh… and do yourselves a favour and don’t look into the history of your other sponsor Evonik.

  • Grilled_Pig

    Is there even one significant player who stepped up and won’t be joining his country in Qatar? I know in Belgium they’re just going and the players are deadsilent about all this.

    The fans yeah might do a boycot. Many ‘fan villages’ already got cancelled due to low ticket sales but what about the actual players?

  • hamndv

    I just subscribed to Tod to watch football and enjoy life by the way premier league, la liga, major league soccer, and farmers league is way better and entertaining than bundesliga never watched a single game of that boring fest

  • aford92

    Not to be that guy but I am willing to bet that a significant portion of the people in that stand will still watch the Germany games at the very least

  • WhoAWei

    This is all meaningless. Germany are still going..

    Yes they do bad things in Qatar, but making this much noise in the weeks before a planned tournament is stupid.

    That’s like saying “fuck McDonald’s”, whilst sat in the drive thru..

  • Shiroi_Kage

    I mean, is the boycott due to the Guardian’s claims on the deaths, which happen to be within the normal mortality rate (there are more than 2M migrants in Qatar), or is it because of the so-called slavery? Cause if it’s the latter then will we see something similar when the US hosts so we can get rid of the 13th amendment’s legal slavery? Also, why was killing Syrian children back in 2018 not a cause for a boycott? What about France banning alcohol in the stadiums when it hosted?

    The moral standard is nowhere near consistent. It immediately becomes super intense and virtuous when it’s a non-western country.

  • IcedCoffeeOnTheRocks

    “The deal is done and the pockets have already been lined. What the hell is a boycott going to do?” – some rich fuck in Qatar

  • zunaguli

    fyi none of the guys you see in this picture will boycott the tournament, they will all watch it, at least the german games.

    nice big banner though, helps a lot.

    as none ofg the actual players boycot this, fifa wont care and next tournament will go to the next highest bidder. russia or china maye 🙂

  • KateNoire

    Would have been a great statement for all the grocery stores/ supermarket chains in Germany to NOT SELL any fan stuff. Makes me sick.

  • ebozoglan

    Every Nation, Team, Player, staff isn’t boycotting. Every sponsor, broadcast, sports media isn’t boycotting.
    No one opened his/ her mouth years before when this was decided.

    Everyone will talk or report about it. Everything happening in Qatar will be watched closely and the media will be full of the world cup.

    Now it seems easy to do nothing and feeling superior. You will not change anything boycotting now, just boosting your ego and feeling morally superior.

    If everybody is still participating one way or another, I will too as a sports fan. I’m not celebrating the world cup like the past ones or anything close to it.

    But I will watch, critically, like everyone else.

    If I would boycott this WC as a sports fan, I would be the only one being effected by that decision.

  • ElysiumXIII

    Edit: looked at the post title and was corrected, whoops.

    Genuine question: isn’t it hypocritical to be attending the event of the hosts you’re trying to boycott? Or are they talking about boycotting the county by different means?

  • Exciting-Ad-9873

    It’s easy to demand other people boycott Qatar when your career is not in jeopardy. Other countries are more deserving of a boycott than Qatar. Other countries do much worse things than Qatar.

  • Anderpug

    Since it is the first time Canada is going to be at the world cup, I’m getting a Team Canada jersey but it will be a knockoff which is cheaper but will look the exact same. I assume any legit jersey that are purchased go towards this event.

  • mongbatstar

    I won’t be boycotting. Qatar won’t ‘not win’ if I choose to watch matches on free TV or in my local boozer.

    I will however donate to amnesty for every match I watch, a brilliant suggestion I was given.

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