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First time Oscar winners Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis sharing a moment together after winning.

First time Oscar winners Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis sharing a moment together after winning.

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  • tenderjuicy1294

    So happy for Ke and what a story behind him. Happy Jamie too (even though I think a couple others probably deserved her Oscar). Fingers crossed for Michelle to win too and especially with Halle Berry presenting the actress award. Destiny awaits

  • wittiestphrase

    Watching Ke win this season has been very refreshing. It’s nice to see someone legitimately excited by something.

    Yes, people will cry and express gratitude when they win, but it still seems a bit…practiced. Ke just seems like he’s really enjoying every second of it.

  • Starboard_Pete

    Happy for Jamie Lee, but ngl, a little sad for Angela Bassett. My heart is exploding for Ke Huy Quan. His speech was from the deepest depths of the heart.

    Edit: adding in Brendan Fraser, not pictured here. But wow….what a speech. So happy for him too.

  • Roger_Roger27

    I have despised the Oscars pretty much my whole life. Just seems like a glorified circle jerk for the rich and famous.

    This is one of those rare moments that I love to see as these 2 seem to be real quality human beings and it is too easy to be happy for them.



  • killerhurtalot

    This is the best movie in a long ass fucking time. I bought 15+ copies of the movie so far for friends and family as Christmas gifts 😂

    Edit: this is probably getting buried anyways, first person to respond to me on this post within wherever Amazon US will ship a copy for free, I’ll buy you a copy of the movie. It’ll be the physical 4k+bluray+digital version on amazon.

    Edit 2: 1st guy didn’t reply to dm, waiting on the 2nd guy

    Edit 3: ok… everyone I started dming has 5 minutes from the time I dm them… first 2 replies hasn’t responded to dms yet…

    Edit 4: it’s the 4k+bluray+digital version so I think that would qualify anyone that has internet or a gaming console in the last 10 years to be able to watch it?

    Edit 5: congrats to /u/Dapper_Indeed.

  • hobo_clown

    Ke Huy Quan hugging Harrison Ford after EEAAO won Best Picture was pretty fun too. The camera cuts to Steven Spielberg with the biggest smile

  • manderly808

    Just checked the results and what a banger year for winners. I can’t say I’ve ever been so genuinely happy that someone won an Oscar as all the winners did tonight.

    We watched EEAAO tonight and I was BAWLING. I am SO glad to see they were all well recognized for that amazing movie.

    And yay Brendan. What a fucking comeback for a sweet human.

    Yay Oscars! You actually did it right.

  • OperaBunny

    I liked this year’s Oscar ceremony. Other than Disney’s plug of their movie which was okay but awkward to have an ad in the middle of the ceremony, but I digress. Watching the JLC win after all those Halloween movies and being a link to Hollywood’s iconic past was refreshing to see and Quan I remember from the Indy Jones movie and was also in the later seasons of the 80’s sitcom Head of the Class. Also enjoyed seeing Fraser after seeing him in George of the Jungle and the Mummy movies to Oscar winning actor! They’ve come a long way baby, yeah!

  • TheOuts1der

    I’m happy for JLC but I feel terrible for Stephanie Hsu. It’s so so hard for a young Asian woman to get such a meaty and relatable role and she acted the fuck out of Joy. She’s probably going to have to wait a long time for her next opportunity like this.

  • SarcasticPedant

    My Vietnamese fiancé is so pumped to see them sweeping all these awards and get some asian representation. People take for granted seeing your own demographics represented in every movie, show, book, etc. Not everyone got a movie about their specific cultural experience until very recently.

  • monkeyballs2

    Jamie lee curtis’s role really transformed her into someone else. It had a lot of range. She was a lover and an enemy and a cunt and a sympathetic woman there for s stranger in crisis. People who are just chalking it up to a win honoring her long career should really rewatch the movie. She delivered so many believable scenes and was extraordinary.

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