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Finished Bioshock Infinite. A Masterful Game. I can see why people like it. 10/10

Finished Bioshock Infinite. A Masterful Game. I can see why people like it. 10/10

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  • mchockeyboy87

    my favorite of the series. although. it is my favorite game series of all time.

    When Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite are both in my top 10 games of all time, I feel pretty fortunate to have experienced both.

  • FroggyNight

    I genuinely enjoyed it. Especially the ending. Made me go replay it immediately with all the hindsight and things I now knew.

    Even simple things like the opening dialogue about “Oh he doesn’t row.”
    “What do you mean he doesn’t row?”. Ugh. Sooo good.

  • yesiamclutz

    Overly long middle act and too many similar weapons hold it back from perfection imho. Still thoroughly enjoyed it though.

    Buried at Sea is a bona-fide masterpiece of story telling

  • Small_beginnings

    I dunno about the best in the series, the first game offered so much more, while Infinite just tried to squash together its original formula and trendy shooters of the era.

    It could’ve been much more, but, apparently, it development hell took place.

  • certifiedtitanium

    Personally thought it was a down grade in every facet.

    Rapture > Columbia

    Plasmids >>> Vigors

    BS1/2 weapons > BI weapons

    Minerva’s Den > Burial at Sea

  • Sm0ahk

    Failed to capture my attention, honestly. Just didnt feel like a Bioshock game at all. I heavily missed Rapture the entire time. I think i got 7/8ths of the way through and stopped playing

    If they called the game something else i think i wouldve enjoyed it more, but i didnt feel like i got what i payed for

  • spacecat-on-mars

    It’s.. Okay. but I have some strong feelings about it.

    It not at all the game we were promised and is nothing like the gameplay trailer we were shown in 2012. They remade the entire game in the last few months of development.

    It’s rushed and I always though Elizabeth’s whole plot line was strange. She wants to prevent herself from a timeline where she turns evil and starts destroying cities?

    I was excited for Burial at Sea because Rapture is my absolute favorite location in any game but was met by forced stealth gameplay and retconned lore. Honestly wouldn’t even put this game above Bioshock 2

  • TiredN0M4D

    Easily my least favorite entry. Infinite didn’t capture the same dark and dreary atmosphere I loved from the first two games. The environment was interesting in its own right but not what I knew Bioshock to be. 3/10

  • Rukasu17

    I feel like 1010 is worthless these days because people toss it around like it’s nothing. Sure, the game is pretty great but def not a 10.

  • PowerCapsule

    I thought Bioshock Infinite was below average. Really don’t understand what people see in it. The overall gameplay was boring and they messed with stuff they shouldn’t have, like weapon upgrades and 2 weapon limit.

    Also that ending was fucking awful. Fuck time travel/ AU storylines. Why they felt they needed to tie everything together like that at the END of the game I’ll never know. Maybe they felt the game really needed a “A slave obeys” moment. Well it was awful, and it shouldn’t have taken a DLC to explain the connection to rapture.

  • fourscoreclown

    I’ve had this game for years and tried playing it when I first got it. I found it so boring and railroady that I gave up after an hour or so of running around stealing things. But after reading all the comments on here I’m definitely going to give it another go and see if I can finish it

  • fatherjohnmilfy

    It being the worst Bioshock game (imo) goes to show how fucking good the trilogy is. Wish we got the original version than what we got but what we got was still great. Elizabeth is still one of the most innovative creations in gaming ever

  • Cyber_Apocalypse

    I didn’t enjoy it as much as 1 and 2, but it was a decent game. It felt too run and gunny as there are multiple areas where you can’t proceed until everyone is dead, whereas in the other games, you could make a choice to engage in combat or not.

  • No-Plankton4841

    That Infinite DLC where you go back to Rapture is awesome. Seeing Rapture in more detail in the newer engine/graphics is just beautiful. Highly recommended the Burial At Sea DLC if you havnt already checked it out.

    Bioshock 2 and Minervas Den is still far away my favorite. I think Infinite may be my least favorite. They took away so much of the choice/planning in the combat encounters and made it a straight, generic shooter.

    The story and presentation is great though.

  • icer07

    This was the only bioshock game I played and in have the exact opposite opinion. The game was terrible. You’re fighting the same enemies the entire game and the power ups are very disproportionate. Just get the crows first and there literally no use for any of the other one. The crows is miles ahead of the other powers in terms of practicality and effectiveness.

    Overall I found the game extremely repetitive with nothing to look forward to as it progresses.

  • Mizuhoe

    Interesting. I tried it out a couple months ago and got bored in the beginner portions of the city. Just running around a shooting seemed bland to me. I might revisit it though because I hear the story is very good.

  • New_Cause_5607

    For me it was a 3/10 game. The story and characters were pretty awful (minis the girl, she was great). The world starts off looking cool and interesting (floating cities and all) but the rail system was lame, the world just feels empty and dead (even when there are NPCs around) and the gameplay is just really rehashed with nothing new to kick it up a notch. The lame ass ending though was the nut on top of that turd for me. I’d rather replay the first two games a thousand times over before ever playing infinite again.

  • MOGA-hunter

    hate me for it if you will, but i hated it from the start and couldn’t get to fare in. something about it, and i really don’t know what, just felt off or bad to me.

    I LOVE bioshock 2 and i like bioshock 1, but infinite just didn’t click like those two. maybe something subtle with the controls combined with the different aesthetic, I don’t know for sure.

  • Rennis5

    I really didn’t like it, loved the 1st bioshock but infinite really didn’t do it for me, there was some really cool content in the game but the gameplay was clunky and the writing was bad.

  • lo_REZ90

    Do people like it? I understand that it gets a lot of flack. I personally do, but most people seem to be frustrated with it being kind of a shooting gallery.

  • Victor_C

    I have strong negative feelings about this game, gameplay wise. Sure, it was a competent shooter for 2013. But it’s story and the way it uses it’s setting is pure shit.

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