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Entire Staff of a Gamestop locked the doors and went home, leaving this note.

Entire Staff of a Gamestop locked the doors and went home, leaving this note.

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  • Lanthemandragoran

    Entire store?

    You mean the one overworked kid getting paid 12 an hour right?

    Edit for a shout out to the GME bagholders still providing comedy via salty PMs haha thank you so much

    Edit 2 – Aaand there’s the Reddit Cares message lmao. Right on cue. Each one should have to come with a “loss porn” screenshot, I wanna see jusssst how much of your house is leveraged on the whims of Ryan Cohen.

  • TimesALoop

    This has become common in every underpaid job. AKA every job for a lower class American. From auto workers and train workers to fast food workers. Everyone should be walking out together frankly.

  • Jive-Machine

    Yea the one in my city closes daily at 6pm instead of the 9pm time that is listed at the store/online; they use a piece of paper like this on their window with their updated closing time as well.

  • kinoshitajona

    I worked at Gamestop in 2002 and GameCrazy (the one inside Hollywood Video) in 2005.

    It was the best job I ever had.

    I’m sure 20 years has changed the job quite a bit, though.

  • an0maly33

    Is there something going with corporate that’s pissing off store employees? I was picking up food the other day from a place that was next to a GameStop. They also had the place locked up and it should have been open.

  • Equivalent_Alps_8321

    I really hope Gamestop doesn’t go under. There’s no other physical game stores around here. No MicroCenter. Local Best Buy doesn’t have much on display.

  • RobotCaptainEngage

    It seemed to me that after GME became a meme so many people started to talk about how they loved gamestop.

    I remember for many years (probably the reason the stock became so common to short), that Gamestop was just a shit retail gig.


    Entire staff, meaning 1 or 2 individuals.

    Last couple of purchases at local GS, store was closed for what I’m guessing was his or hers lunch break. Showing up right after they go on break is frustrating cause now I have to wait an hour for them to come back.

    Has happened three times in the last few weeks. In NYC!

    It’s sad cause these individuals are overworked and overwhelmed. When the store did open back up, they had like ten customers making a line for whatever they went there for. He seemed beat, but still was extremely professional. Asked if I wanted to renew Pro membership. I have passed on it many times since expiration, but he was doing his hustle. Came down to $5 off on current purchase, 5k points ($5 worth), and got a small four case of RedBull. Meh, I was there to pick up something for my son. This was in October.

    Used 5k points given towards another small purchase. Then today I made another purchase and used rewards. It almost has paid for itself.

    However, having read the changes coming to Pro membership in December, I’m kinda on the fence about renewal.

    Most important, I’ve read that corporate wants to fuck the employees even more with their health plans and other things.

    So yeah, it’s time for them to go. Sure, I can order through Amazon and Best Buy or Digital, but the nostalgic feeling of going to a video game store never goes away. Especially taking our little video gamers. They light up.

    I did secondary job as a holiday temp. at EB around the time the PS2 was released. It was like six of us, it was a blast, great individuals. Occasionally we had some Karen or some mentally over the wall asshole. But we overcame it and did what we had to do while having a fun.

  • ChangeChameleon

    This reminds me of an interesting tidbit from when I quit RadioShack.

    It was when they were spiraling towards closing and the head honchos were changing company direction twice a week. I had enough so I walked out one day.

    Well at RadioShack when a manager quits, it triggers an immediate inventory of the whole store. I got called by the district manager and asked to participate in the inventory so it would “look good on me”. I refused because screw that. I was done with them.

    I later heard from the manager that replaced me that the inventory was almost perfect – which never happens. It was like a $50 variance when usually inventories are thousands off.

    Company heads never realize that their best employees are the ones who have the self respect to leave when you screw with them.

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