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Emma Thompson’s Eulogy for Alan Rickman is hilarious, heartbreaking and wonderful

Emma Thompson’s Eulogy for Alan Rickman is hilarious, heartbreaking and wonderful

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  • anogre8me

    I wasn’t aware that a book of his diaries even existed. Looks like it gets great reviews. I’ll be picking up a copy.

  • thesweeterpeter

    I, like many of my generation I’m sure, most associate Rickman with Snape.

    And I can’t help but think that his casting of Snape was somehow an intentional nod towards Snape’s eventual and irresistible redemption.

    In every interview both contemporary and posthumous – Rickman has always seemed to be an excellent human. He’s always presented with a beautiful humor and irresistible charm. And of course never knowing him, I choose to believe Emma Thompson has accurately portrayed him here. So with that wonderful person – who better to have embody and eternally assocsite with Snape. A character who our Protagnonist chooses as his first born’s namesake

  • Nugatorysurplusage

    Amazing. If only I had friends like this.

    They were lucky to have each other, and that fact along with the fact that he’s gone is heartbreaking and simultaneously uplifting.

  • upgradewife

    My favorite Rickman characters are Metatron from “Dogma”, and Dr. Lazarus from “Galaxy Quest”. Truth be told, though, I can’t think of any bad performances. He was just so good.

  • barriedalenick

    She did well to get through that. Obviously she is a far far better speaker and performer than I am but I literally couldn’t speak at my best mate’s funeral. Best I could do is to make strange noises through my mouth and nose which I don’t believe would have given a true impression of my friend!

  • ultrafud

    Just to clear up misconceptions, this isn’t a eulogy as it isn’t his funeral. This is a tribute piece for the launch of a book containing his unpublished diaries.

    Doesn’t make it any less sad mind you..

  • MettaMoment

    I love listening to someone speak who holds a mastery of the English language. It invariable always is the English themselves which makes of course makes sense.

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