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Double standards

Double standards

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  • Proper-Beautiful2895

    I remember playing doom 3 when it came out when I was little and had nightmares every night. But I couldn’t stop playing. ‘Twas my first doom game

  • Habelx

    I used to get cocky in phasmophobia until I picked up a VR. I swear to God if outlast comes out in VR you’re gonna have to put me in padded cell after.

  • hermanthehermitt

    As a 35 year old man Ill freely admit I cant play survival horror games. I get too into it.

    Even playing something like The Forest with family was difficult.

    When the PSVR2 comes out though Ill definitely be trying the scariest game I can!

  • amiano711u

    honestly its always like that for me cus instead of watching a moron go into a room thats a obvious trap now i can be the dumbass who goes for obvious traps

  • Sidney_Young

    for me it’s the opposite. playing games i feel like i can take action and defend myself. watching a movie however i feel helpless and completely at the mercy of what’s happening.

  • a-friend-in-sneed

    The reason I get so scared of horror games is because with movies it’s a hoot to laugh at the character make such an obvious and dumb mistakes because with horror movies we have endless plot structures and tropes to draw from to predict what’s gonna happen.

    With horror games that can go any which way dependent on the player it’s less a case of, “Haha, look at that asshole!” To “Oh fuck I’m such an asshole!”

  • tech240guy

    I watched Markplier played At Dead of Night game. Holy shit was that game scary to watch even if someone else playing it. Yet the game’s script is amazing. Can never see the name Jimmy in good light again.

  • Another_Road

    My strategy is to just say “I ain’t scarred” in the most southern voice I can muster until it becomes true.

    That’s the secret to channeling the spirit of Florida Man.

  • ripyourlungsdave

    Now that I think about it, this might be a large part of why video game movies never translate correctly. Especially when it comes to horror.

    The entire feel of a video game is based around video game parameters. It’s made for things to be frightening or sad or exciting based on your interaction with them, not your passive observation of them.

    So when they try to translate that to a movie, they end up sacrificing everything that made the game feel like it did just by way of trying to turn it into a passive artistic medium.

    It’s why I can happily watch somebody play Resident Evil 7, but I can’t get past the first interaction with the mom character. And why the movies are not even remotely scary.

  • cromation

    I’m the opposite for the left half. I’m usually yelling at the screen “Don’t go in/up/down there! Just fucking run and you’ll never deal with that shit again you idiot!

  • Cerridwyn_Morgana

    Playing horror games is hard on my nerves. Jump scares just make me feel sick and shakey. One time I was playing Project Zomboid and it was night in my game. I entered a room that had three zombies that I hadn’t noticed until the fear alert sound happened. It started me so badly that I had to pause the game for awhile.

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