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Disney Channel’s Theme: A History Mystery (Defunctland)

Disney Channel’s Theme: A History Mystery (Defunctland)

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  • audi0c0aster1

    God Kevin does it again.

    The Fastpass documentary was phenomenal when that first came out. This one exceeded even that. Unreal level of dedication in this one.

  • Debugario

    I did not expect to watch this whole thing in one sitting but this was so well done I couldn’t look away. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Waffletimewarp

    Saw it on my feed, can’t get to it tonight though.

    “Oh dip! The new Defunctland is out!”

    “1:32. Kevin *why*…”

  • jessie3600

    Probably the greatest thing ever put on youtube. Wow. Yes the runtime is long but it keeps your attention every second with an ending conclusive and more satisfying than most professionally produced documentaries.

  • Cameroni101

    My man Kevin is one of the best creators on YouTube, it’s not even fair. He releases these incredible documentaries to the public, free of charge. All despite the truly extraordinary effort he puts in. His series on the history of Jim Henson isn’t just informative and in-depth, it’s emotional. The final part left me near-sobbing.

  • MyUshanka

    I hope Kevin realizes the worth and value of his works now. The backspacing of “documentarian” into “YouTuber” was harsh. This was just as compelling and high quality as any documentary I’ve seen, on a significantly smaller team (and likely budget.)

  • LupinThe8th

    Me: “New Defunctland? 90 minutes?! Well, I guess I have nothing better to do…”

    Me 90 minutes later: “Why am I crying?”

  • AnotherOpponent

    I just finished it and I knew it was going to be a roller coaster of emotions. I just went on a huge binge of YTers talking about this era of television from the 2000s since it was my childhood and then this popped into my feed.

  • woahdude12321

    This slaps. I went to Disney world in elementary school and came home and read all this lore about Disney world. This hit that same note in a great way

  • MinnieShoof

    “Is it weird that you don’t know who wrote the theme?”

    Girl who is now my spirit animal: “No.” And that’s all I watched!

  • Elgato01

    This honestly feels like the other side to Hbomberguy’s newest video. That one focused on an arrogant and selfish man taking credit for things he didn’t write or compose and his lies only getting bigger. While this one focused on a musical prodigy who was highly respected and lauded by his peers for his creativity and creations, one who didn’t seem to care about being known or famous form his work and only cared about the art of it.

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