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DEVOTION – Official Trailer (HD)

DEVOTION – Official Trailer (HD)

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  • sipping_mai_tais

    That’s some bad timing to release this movie.

    People are still gonna be hangover from Top Gun, and they will not feel like watching another airplane movie so close from each other

  • Garrus_Vakarian__

    Kinda wish they didn’t reveal the >!Mig!< in the trailer. Like most people familiar with the Korean war probably could reasonably guess that a >!Mig-15!< would be the “final boss” of this movie, but it would have been cooler not reveal it early.

    EDIT: added spoiler tags. I figured that since they literally yell it in the trailer that the cat would be out of the bag already, but whatever

  • Professional_Toe_285

    As a Corpsman who was patching a wounded Afghani soldier during a fire fight, I can’t tell you how much weight was lifted when I heard the DuK DuK DuK DuK sounds of the propellers from the air support. The entire time I’m patching him up, my Marines are advancing towards the enemy and I’m praying I don’t catch a stray to the dome. I heard a BRRRRR from the attack helicopter (if someone can help identify, it was during Helmand 2010, that looked like an Apache but was escorting Airforce medevac?) And I took a giant sigh of relief thinking it was finally over.

    But man… As soon as the ‘cavalry came’ I almost cried. Even when the Airforce landed their Osprey, they made a half moon perimeter around me and I never felt like a celebrity in my entire life. While I was carrying the litter with the casualty on, I was so exhausted and one of the Airman took it for me, and I just dropped to my knees. I told one of my Marines later that day that I would never talk shit about the Airforce ever again.

    I really wish I didn’t see that part in the trailer and saw it in theatres.

    To any close air support who watched us from the skies, yal are the real chads

  • RKU69

    Kinda funny seeing this about to come out, while season 3 of the podcast [*Blowback*]( is also coming out soon, focusing on the Korean War.

    I haven’t studied the Korean War much, but what little I’ve seen, seems like the standard “good war” narrative about it we get in the US is a flat-out lie. With the North Korean socialists seemingly having more legitimacy across the whole peninsula than anybody else, especially the pro-Japanese collaborators that the US put in charge in the South; and the brutality of the air war the US waged against the North after the stalemate, where they basically turned the country into a free-fire zone and leveled every single town and killed a significant portion of the entire population.

    Great setting for a feel-good plane movie!

  • noobvin

    I honestly and truly love inspiring movies that show people overcoming their racism. It’s almost like there is a lesson there that people could learn. I wonder why it never sinks in with some?

    Now, how many are going to call this move based on REAL EVENTS “woke” and make me slap my forehead?

  • Popojono

    THIS LOOKS DOPE! So glad we’re getting fighter pilot films again. They are some of my faves, always wanted to be one as a kid.

  • craig_hoxton

    Homework assignment: read “The Hunters” by James Salter if you would like to know more about aerial combat during the Korean War.

  • anonymousnuisance

    Jonathan Majors is the next guy. He’s so good and so charismatic. I’ll watch anything he’s in. He’s like the next Denzel and Brad Pitt. I just feel like he can win you over the first second he hits the screen and he can do anything. I’d watch him lead a team of thieves in an outlandish heist, or struggle to get by with a wife and kid, or high-stakes gamble with a drug addiction. He can do anything and it will never seem out of character.

  • SnowInTheTundra

    Every-time I see this movie, I get really disappointed that it’s not an adaptation of the Taiwanese horror game.

  • RedFollower

    Glen Powell going almost back to back as a pilot in separate movies just like Matt Damon as an astronaut in Interstellar and The Martian

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