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(Demo) I made a game that combines my favorite elements of Tower Defense and RTS games into a “new” sub-genre, Base Defense.

(Demo) I made a game that combines my favorite elements of Tower Defense and RTS games into a “new” sub-genre, Base Defense.

(Demo) I made a game that combines my favorite elements of Tower Defense and RTS games into a "new" sub-genre, Base Defense. from gaming

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  • Funkymonk202

    Terrytorial Disputes is the condensed essence of my own nostalgia, combining my lifelong love of RTS and Tower Defense games into a singular package draped with the aesthetics and visuals that defined my childhood.

    I’ve been creating game content since I was young, from texture swaps for old PC games to maps for Half Life and Left 4 Dead, missions for Arma 3, and dozens of other smaller projects. Behind all of those has always been the need to push the limits of my abilities and whatever game I’m working with. I know my passion lies in creating a unique experience, to push the limit of what and how it’s supposed to be done, and do it differently.

    Since my earliest of memories in RTS games, my favorite way to play is to build a ton of defenses, and let the hardest AI throw waves and waves of enemies at me. With every Tower Defense I played I wanted the depth of gameplay of an RTS; I wanted to manage resources and power; I wanted the progression of building up a massive base. On the opposite side with every RTS, I just wanted to hide behind a wall and destroy the enemies. I demand the bloodshed of a near infinite number of AI units becoming cannon fodder. That is the core essence of what I’m going for, a sandbox where I keep giving the player tougher challenges, but also mightier swords.

    Terrytorial Disputes is that game, capturing the best elements from Tower Defense and RTS games, I genuinely believe this unique fusion is going to scratch that specific itch for people who want long and meaningful sessions with non-stop action, your base is under attack and the enemy isn’t letting up until you’ve been destroyed.

    Terrytorial Disputes is still in Early Access, so there are some bugs and the balance needs refinement, but the core systems are implemented, the foundation is in done. The game is already fully playable with dozens of hours of content, and the Demo is a beautiful appetizer. Through Early Access, I hope to take feedback from the community to finish perfecting the systems and balancing all the enemy stats. While also continuing to add more content such as turrets, structures, technologies, and enemies.

    A Wishlist on Steam is the only way I can fight my way to the top of the algorithm. Your direct interaction is the only way. Even if you don’t purchase, just one little click. I’m on my knees begging.

    Cheers, Terry

  • KamikazeArchon

    Tower defense games were literally invented inside RTS games. The first tower defenses were custom maps for RTS games like Starcraft and Warcraft.

    Your game might be fun, but it’s kind of weird to claim to have invented a new concept when this is literally just what they used to be.

  • DatTrackGuy

    Your headline is sol bold neither I or anyone else can ignore your arrogance lol.

    No, you did not invent a new sub genre.

  • Obsidiath

    Not sure where the RTS part comes in. Resource collection? Plenty of tower defense games offer ways to gain resources outside of wave kills. Plus, plenty of RTS titles don’t even have traditional resource gathering.

    I also see walls, but the enemies don’t seem to attack you back? What are the walls for then?

    While the game doesn’t look bad, I wouldn’t dare claim it offers anything new at all. In fact, it looks like a straight-up Rogue Tower clone with graphics based off the original Command and Conquer. So yeah, still interesting, but, as has been commented plenty of times, not a new genre, or even an innovation within an existing genre.

  • Dovahkiin10380

    I don’t really see how it differs from tower defense. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just think you expanded a little on the tower defense style. It’s Bloons with something added to it so people will play this instead of Bloons. Nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn’t call it an invention. Like planet zoo is marine park empire with added features, this is tower defense with added features. Looks like a small population would go nuts over this game because it’s exactly what they’re looking for. Also, it looks like it came straight out of 2002 so that brought back lots of memories

  • mellifleur5869

    Isn’t this almost the exact same game as that tower defense rogue like that northernlion played a few months ago.

  • Mason46809

    While I agree with others that it’s not necessarily a new genre, it looks insanely fun and I would purchase it on release

  • doc_1eye

    So, I think your game looks interesting. However, claiming that you’ve invented a genre that’s been around for 30 years is not going to win you a lot of friends, as you can see by the negative comments you’re getting.

  • KhaosElement

    I never thought I’d say this, but holy hell you should have went with the “I quit my job to make this” angle instead of what you did.

    Game actually looks like it could be fun. Command and Conquer aesthetic is one of my favorites. I really am not saying this to be rude, but the gif doesn’t really show me what’s unique about it, but I’d still be willing to give it a shot on theme at some point.

  • Planet_Mezo

    My biggest gripe isn’t that you just made a regular tower defense game. My biggest gripe is you used the same assets as every Google play store td clone, and called it new

  • robot-raccoon

    Looks cool mate, well done. No idea why so many people are giving you a hard time. For sure looks like something I’d play 🙂

  • Jellypope

    You know what, who cares who invented this particular subcategory of cabbage! You are passionate about it and it seems pretty solid. People are quick to point out any flaw they find in others especially anyone who thinks they ever did anything unique ever! Good on you bud!

  • gc_DataNerd

    All these comments crying about how this isn’t a new genre are jealous. Well done. As a software engineer myself I can see this probably took a lot of effort

  • Mr_Guy_Person

    Unfortunately people are being people here.

    OP might have shuffled a few mechanics around and thought he made a new genre, but didn’t, and it’s on him that he came here claiming to have and didn’t know his history.

    The people who are being pissy have either been there before or don’t have any imagination and haven’t been there before and both are mad. Because one group failed…one group didn’t even try.

    Then the leftovers either don’t care either way or are supportive but in a positive way.

    Me? I’m not sure I understand what the game is because it sounds like Tower a defense but OP has said there’s other mechanics involved and I just don’t know where he’s explained them thoroughly.

    OP needs to basically work out a detailed list of how the game works if he wants others to understand it. Then again he might not want to because someone with better skills and more resources could create it and publish it before him.

    Like the Candy Crush guy. EA basically copied his game but because EA is EA and with billions of dollars…they advertised it a lot and got more notice first.

    It’s just how things are. Which is why OP should tell everyone to fuck off, keep it to himself, and not show anyone anything until it’s totally ready. Then don’t show Reddit…show someone that can do something with it.

    Again….people being people. Welcome to Earth. Enjoy your stay.

  • MattyH51

    Shut up and take my money 💰. You clearly stated you’re new at this but this looks great for a first game. Looks like it would be a lot of fun. Plus has that old command and conquer feel. Can’t wait to play it

  • darkniteofdeath

    For marketing, you can claim anything you want. Example: No Micro Transaction. 6 months later: Add Micro Transactions. Other gaming companies do it all the time and sell tons of copies.

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