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Defense of Ukraine: “Ukrainian U20 decathlon champion Volodymyr Androschuk died in a battle near Bakhmut on Jan 25. A promising athlete and a true hero, he could have been able to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris, if russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine. Why do russians still have this privilege?”

Defense of Ukraine: “Ukrainian U20 decathlon champion Volodymyr Androschuk died in a battle near Bakhmut on Jan 25. A promising athlete and a true hero, he could have been able to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris, if russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine. Why do russians still have this privilege?”

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  • Coachbelcher

    Russia shouldnt be allowed to send athletes due to rampant cheating by their sports authorities, not because of their shitty politics.

  • yautja_cetanu

    I cannot stand Russia and fully supportted Ukraine back in 2014 and I’m super happy the rest of the world decided to step up this time round.

    But I don’t think we should ban Russia from the Olympic games. There is something sacred about the Olympic games always including everyone around the world even during times of war.

    Happy with not letting them host it again though!

  • HyenaJack94

    While this is a terrible tragedy, don’t forget that everyone who is killed likely had a promising future with hopes and dreams. All the lives lost in this pointless conflict sucks

  • phdthrowaway110

    Same reason athletes from NATO countries were allowed to participate (and host) multiple Olympics while invading Afghanistan.

  • translucent-ice

    This is one hell of an echo chamber.

    No one stopped the Nazis in 1936 and they tried to boycott them which failed, and people still competed and they used it as a HUGE propaganda gimmick.

    They also tried in 2008, and 2014. And to no prevail.

    So, if we didn’t/couldn’t stop literal Nazis from hosting and competing, why are we attempting to stop ze Russians?

    And to answer your question, the Olympics doesn’t discriminate, race, religion, or country (EVEN during times of war.) that’s why “they still have this privilege.”

    Quick Google search on the computer you’re ranting on (smart phone.) And you have your answer, or do you just like stirring shit up on the internet for “fun.”

  • norskljon

    Russia shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any international sporting events as long as this war goes on and they remain on Ukrainian soil.

  • LeonBlacksruckus

    Americans and westerners live in a massive bubble.

    Most of the other countries in the world are indifferent towards what’s happening between Russia and ukraine and in fact countries representing 50% of the people on the planet are now making a military and economic alliance with the Russians.

  • dgblarge

    RIP. Let’s not confuse all Russians with Putins fanboys. Purin has fucked Russia for his own benefit. He is probably the richest person in the world. He will send Russia’s youth to die in a war for his imagined place in history and to protect his wealth. He is a despicable asshole gambling with the future of the world. He will also lose. At the expense of all Russia. Maybe a few nukes will get through to the west. Russia will be radioactive dust. Russia’s weapons systems are rubbish compared to the west’s. The Russian war against Ukraine proves it.

  • jitito1641

    Russian bots, using China or US as example won’t do shit. We don’t see the civilians in those countries literally fighting in the frontlines of war for the sake of their lives and land and future. Be serious.

  • jert3

    The Olympics are really over rated. Not sure why or how ppl find it interesting, and the IoC is corrupt as hell. But tbf, I just not into sports so your mileage may vary.

    The original Olympics were really cool and sponteanous fun peace parties, with nude atheteles, in friendly competition. Today’s Olympics, were kids are trained from 5 years old to throw a frisbee really far or jump highest on a stick, is a sad waste of a life imho. Not to mention the billionaire class choose to spend billions of dollars on the big few week wank of public tax dollars, that could be literally be spent saving thousands or more lives instead.

  • Standard-Potato-2067

    Lol… west used to preach dont mix sport with politics even banned india from hosting few events as india denied visa to few Pakistanis after terrorist attack… now see these hypocrites bark lol

  • canttouchmypingas

    Ukraine propaganda? Even in the sports sub?

    I’m getting really sick of every third post these recent weeks in every sub being about this, it’s just mentally tiring

    Notice how the OP decided to not capitalize Russia, for some reason. Such cringe

    Bots brigading this comment section too if yall noticed that. Look at the vote totals.. Yeah.. Not representative of this sub nor the site.

    Totally not obviously manipulated at all. Nope.

  • samobon

    I am for the middle ground. I would allow Russian athletes to participate, but only if they publicly condemn Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

  • saveable

    This ideal of keeping politics out of sport has never really been practical, it has certainly never existed in the real world. I’m old enough to remember the sporting boycott against South Africa. There is an argument to be made that the boycott hastened the fall of the apartheid regime. Now obviously it was the protesters on the ground that made the real difference, but I hope they were encouraged by the international sporting boycott of SA.

    As a tennis nut, I’m disappointed by the ATP and WTA decision to ignore points earned at Wimbledon, who took the principled decision to the exclude Russian and Belarusian players in 2022. And so far as I’m aware, nothing has changed in 2023. Money trumps principle, again. Depressing.

    As for the olympics, I wish the Russians were excluded, It’s just not fair to ask Ukranians to compete against them. but that’s never going to happen. Alas.

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