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Daniel Tosh interviews a Wellness Guru on his Tosh Show podcast

Daniel Tosh interviews a Wellness Guru on his Tosh Show podcast

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  • Rhasky

    These have been great. I really hope he commits to doing this show long term but I can see them running out of random, unique people he knows that aren’t comedians or actors. I appreciate he’s trying to avoid being another comedian circlejerk pod nonetheless

  • ediciusNJ

    I’m very happy to see him back. And while he’s still his regular jokey self, he’s actually been a little more revealing too. I mean, in his standup and on Tosh.0, never mentioned a wife, never mentioned a kid. He’s growing with us!

  • thekilgore

    I was so happy to see he started a podcast! Then he basically said someone wanted him to host a show and he eventually agreed, which means it’s not something that HE wanted to do… on his own accord. That kinda put the flame out for me

  • elmatador12

    I love how he seems to ask questions that I’m thinking and most people wouldn’t ask.

    “Do you just call everyone who listens to you a “student”?

    And, it’s been said before, but he’s able to be snarky without being rude. That can be an extremely difficult balancing act for a lot of people.

  • Vessix

    Tosh is funny, but *wow* do I hate that even he referred to this person as a “mental health expert”. Life coaches and “wellness coaches” are not mental health experts. They are unlicensed in a pseudo scientific field.

    Don’t get me wrong- holistic perspectives about mental health, the use of mindfulness and yoga as wellness tools, etc are very useful and important aspects of human wellness. But this person is not formally trained in a mental health field. Even a LSW or LMHCA must have evidence-based master’s degrees from accredited schools and pass massive ethical/legal/competency-based exams to get licensed. And that’s BEFORE the 2000 hours of supervised experience to make sure you aren’t doing harm to clients before you’re eligible for a clinical license.


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