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Dakota Johnson’s infamously awkward appearance on Ellen was four years ago and is still a wonder to behold

Dakota Johnson’s infamously awkward appearance on Ellen was four years ago and is still a wonder to behold

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  • SunBlindFool

    Heh, never seen that. That was hilarious in such an awkward way. I feel like there’s a deeper issue between them that they don’t say on tv.

  • takadimi5000

    Had a supervisor who must’ve idolized Ellen because this was like every interaction with her. Nothing you said was taken seriously and everything you said was held against you. Glad I don’t work for her anymore.

  • Masta0nion

    Reminds me of Michael asking the office who thought it was a good idea to get Toby a rock as a going away present.

    Then Dwight and the office is like, you did. I thought it was over the –

  • TheJuiceMan02914

    I remember watching her show as a kid and thinking ‘I’m supposed to think she’s so sweet and funny and she just seems so mean.’

  • anewman513

    I have never been much of an Ellen fan, but I don’t get why she gets so much shit over this interview. Yes, the birthday invite discussion was cringy and weird, but that was on both of them.

  • RuneofBeginning

    One of my favorite recorded pop culture moments. It’s not often you catch someone like Ellen THAT off guard and clearly trying to correct the course of the interview. This is incredible every single time I see it. She didn’t know how to handle it.

  • Apocaloid

    Man sometimes you wonder how redditors survive in the world. Is Ellen a shitty person? Sure, but I doubt she’d do that to her celebrity guests on television. You genuinely think Ellen is offended by not being invited to some random actresses birthday party? You really think Dakota Johnson gives a shit about Ellen?

    These are just two different personalities doing their best to navigate Hollywood’s niceties. Ellen is giving her shit cause she’s a type A and Johnson is being too sincere because she’s a type B. Ellen shouldn’t have pushed so hard and Johnson shouldn’t have taken all of it so personally. There no mal-intent here though. Reddit just generally doesn’t like type A personalities.

  • letintin

    Huh, I don’t get all the hate on this. I get if folks don’t like Ellen because of other things in other contexts (unrelatable wealth, her being a bad manager of human beings) but this interview/convo seems like pretty typical low stakes banter, and kinda funny and awkward.

  • chakalakasp

    Story time. Back when Periscope was new and hadn’t been purchased by Twitter yet, I used to like to surf Periscope on the can at work. One day as I was clicking through the random live videos, Ellen came up. Literally Ellen, live, in studio, doing a tech demo of Periscope to prep for the show taping that would also feature Periscope. It was literally me and about 10 other people watching her stream. She basically walked her phone around and talked to her a dozen or so studio shoot staff who were chilling in the (empty) audience seats. As she went around chatting each one up, she casually mentioned that one guy she was talking to had just found out he was going to be a dad. He looked a bit startled and kinda nervously said that he hadn’t told the rest of his family yet. And then Ellen laughed and moved on to someone else.

  • exelion18120

    Kind of amazing how Disney decided to make a ride featuring Ellen with Bill Nye as guest star for a science ride instead of, you know, just staring Bill Nye.

  • GeneralVeeers

    This was the literal beginning of the end of Ellen’s phony ‘nice and kind’ was glorious to see such an awkward interaction pull away the curtain of phoniness.

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