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Crash Bandicoot 4 is a sugar-coated Dark Souls

Crash Bandicoot 4 is a sugar-coated Dark Souls

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  • Increase_Decrease

    Looking back, Crash 4 is not the amazing game it was lauded as when it launched. Crash 2 and 3 are better games.

    I’m a completionist and i actively despise this game now. They went way too far with their ridicolous demands.

  • Crunchberries77

    Crash has always been the dark souls of Platformers.

    Stormy ascent lost level in crash 1 was honestly the hardest level I’ve ever beaten in a platformer.

  • RykanV

    Crash Bandicoot was here first, though. It’s kind of ridiculous to call everything that’s even remotely difficult for a souls-like…

  • Exeeter702

    Games like this and most platformers from the 90s downward, are why people 30+ years of age get annoyed when younger players ask for games to be made easier. Whether it’s complaining about special move inputs for fighting games being too hard, the souls games needing an easy / casual mode or platformers having generous failure states and win conditions.

    The 90s bred the right kind of video game enjoyers as far as I’m concerned, even if most of the games that kids cut their teeth on were objectively ass, being needlessly difficult for all the wrong reasons. They taught resilience, patience and that shit isn’t fair. I will die on this hill. 🙂

  • Whofreak555

    Love the NSane Trilogy.. but these levels… they’re too long. Wayyy too long. Plus you almost need to memorize the on rails parts to get all the boxes. Too frustrating for a completionist like me.

  • KingoftheBirates

    You can just say it’s a hard game instead of calling it “the dark souls of children’s games”

    I swear the only people who actually use this comparison are people who haven’t actually played Dark Souls.

  • godoflemmings

    I feel like it says something that while I was going for the High Road time trial in Crash 1, when I got frustrated I’d switch to Dark Souls to cool off.

  • bukbukbuklao

    Kids who grew up playing platformers are built differently. Can’t get a kid these days to play anything that isn’t Roadblox.

  • Alpr101

    Yeah I loved playing it again after so many years but holy fuck it was hard. I didn’t even finish the like 15% of the game or so cuz I had my fill xD

  • Vidar34

    People who think that games aimed at children are easy, need to remember that the NES was supposed to be aimed at children, and it had 3 Ninja Gaiden games.

  • 1buffalowang

    Getting the platinum trophy for Crash 1 remake took me a month and it was both very hard but felt rewarding. I have not had the urge to play another Crash game since. I feel sick starting 2 or 3. Great game but god do you need to get sweaty to 100% it.

  • brando56894

    I didn’t know there was a Crash Bandicoot 4!

    Pretty much all these old school platformers are insanely difficult when you go back to them.

  • ChugginFiggs

    It’s also just a really great game. Crash 4 and DKC Trop Freeze are the best modern platformers to date. They’re difficult without feeling unfair and the design is flawless. If you haven’t played these games go now!!! Do it now

  • koopingntrooping

    my first CB game I fully played through (played 1+2 when I was younger, but not seriously) was wrath of cortex, and I beat it in a few sittings (aside from the dragon chase, which I had to convince my friends older brother to beat for me at the time, lol) so I had such a skewed idea of the difficulty of these games lmao. playing the earlier games later in life was a supreme ass kicking.

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