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Console gaming has officially overtaken PC gaming (Source 2022 Global Games Market Report)

Console gaming has officially overtaken PC gaming (Source 2022 Global Games Market Report)

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  • shiftybyte

    Ehm… This is based on revenue… Wasn’t it like that for quite some time..?

    Also games on consoles are more expensive… So…

  • Cyshox

    According to NewZoo the console revenue is higher than the PC revenue for the past 5 years. Check out their previous gaming market reports.

  • Jarvis_Strife

    Can’t wait until the shitstorm where devs put more of their hours into mobile games as opposed to console/pc games

    It’s going to happen one days folks.

  • IndividualStress

    I think, for the most part, console gaming has always been bigger than PC gaming.

    Prior to the mid to even late 2000’s getting a PC that had comparable specs to a console was expensive and most of the time the experience wasn’t that much better on PC in terms of graphical fidelity.

    It has only bee in the last decade/decade and a half that its been worth it to own a PC. Getting a PC that performs similar to the current gen hardware is a reasonable price now and there’s actual noticeable differences for the people who want to spend more money for better performance and graphics.

    The main draw of console is also fading away. Just plug in and play is a thing of the past and playing a new game on console is often times more of a headache than playing a new game on PC.

    Get a new game on console, have to download the system updates, then you have to install the game, then you have to download and install any day 1 patches then you finally get to play. At least on PC I can tell Microsoft to fuck off for a bit with their system updates.

    Since most exclusive games on PS and Xbox get released on PC eventually anyway now and most of these exclusive games are nearly always single player experiences I really don’t see anyone who plays video games as their main hobby to not have a PC.

    PC + Switch is really the best combo atm.

  • Sirealism55

    Lol what I don’t get it, do people not realize this has always been true? How the heck do console gamers still feel like the underdog? PC has always been the underdog…

    This chart is showing that PC gaming is growing while console is shrinking (which might just be normal fluctuation). Additionally this is revenue based which is valid because console games are hella expensive and it doesn’t include the cost of the PC itself since that’s not strictly “gaming” revenue.

    Y’all need to learn how to read charts.

  • TheCrity

    I used Xbox for 15 years switched to PC it’s so much better honestly. Another plus is all exclusives are coming to steam now just at a later date. I think PC take the crown again I think it’s the hype from PS5 and the new Xbox. If you read the fine text it’s excluding a lot of pc money and steams sales data is private unlike Xbox and Sony so the comparisons missing an insane amount of data.

  • Cmdrdredd

    Console include switch? That’s basically mobile gaming(not mobile as in phone games).

    Not surprised with the way things went recently with PC component pricing and a availability but it shows there was an uptick in PC games revenue. Maybe all the people working from home had to have a PC and used it for casual gaming too?

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