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Coming back to a game

Coming back to a game

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  • DeVulgariEloquentia

    This was me with Sekiro. I played the game non-stop until I got to *whoever* (boss that shoots lightning and stuff). Took a break. It’s basically impossible now.

    I tried restarting, but felt like I had already seen everything and gave up.

  • ArchDucky

    This just happened the other day. Turned Hitman 3 back on in forever and literally couldn’t remember anything. So I did multiple murder sprees in Italy to get the hang of it again. The forth murder run, I killed so many people lol. Figured I had the hang of it again, and did a suit only run on that level. Fucking love that game.

  • IforgotwhatIwasdoing

    This was me with Sekiro, except I didn’t take a break. I just never needed to parry in a souls-like before and learned in Sekiro that I hate being forced into a playstyle.

  • PixPenguin

    This is me with Elden ring or really any souls-like for the most part. Not because of gameplay, but because they UI controls are always so weird when playing on keyboard

  • chrisjfinlay

    I haven’t played Astral Chain for months and I’m close to the end game, but I’m worried about getting back to it and getting stomped constantly…

  • Foxhound199

    But at the same time, I can pick up a game I haven’t touched in 25 years and still remember the trick to find a secret area. Weird how brains work.

  • ebonyphoenix

    Yep I feel this. I have a bad habit of getting like 85% of the way through a game. Then getting distracted by something else. So when I get back to the game weeks or months later I have no idea what I was doing or how to play.

  • Thebigfunnydude1

    It’s going to be hard for me in splatoon 3. It’s been years since I last played splatoon 2. I hope the bloblobber returns. I liked that bathtub

  • sparkicidal

    I was playing through RDR2, though due to other commitments, I haven’t gamed on my PC since March. I’m going to get my ass handed to me when I start up again. And I need to finish the final faction on SC2, no idea how to play that right now.

  • Upper-Flan-9975

    This was me with asgore. I had like only one snack that had a small chance of healing to the max or none at all. Some biscuits. That’s all I had and I had no gold left. I was so happy to beat him after months of trying (lots of breaks) to beat him and I was so happy when I beat him. I got lucky in beating him honestly as things perfectly lined up.

    I wasn’t sure whether to spare him or kill him. Afterall he caused so much pain to me and it was a fight to the death. I let him live then flowey does what flowey always does but he was pretty easy to beat compared to asgore.

  • micalbertl

    Took about a 6 month hiatus after rage quitting then came back and beat the radiance without practicing on anything else.

  • DrownmeinIslay

    Made the mistake of trying AC4 after beating valhalla and a week later went back to valhalla to try wrath of the druids. Waaaaay to much pressing O trying to counter.

  • FatherSquee

    For me it was Shinobi (2002), made it to the 2nd last boss where you’re in a super narrow hallway the fucks with the camera. I gave up for a while and when I came back I couldn’t jump over a single laser fence anymore.

  • TENTAtheSane

    Especially since they all have extremely similar but slightly different systems. I played Nioh2 after the souls games but just before elden ring, and whole I was playing er I kept accidently switching my weapon trying to do a ki pulse 😫

  • LostOne514

    Ah, me in Forbidden West right now. Combat went from feeling smooth, awesome, and super strategic to me mashing roll and fumbling through my weapons while figuring out what they heck to do.

  • cmdr_solaris_titan

    On a similar topic, games that switch up traditional action buttons like “get in vehicle” for GTA, is traditionally the triangle button (PS) but in cyberpunk 2077, it’s square…why???

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