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Cleaning up my room and found this. The hype was real at the time. Ultimately was disappointed.

Cleaning up my room and found this. The hype was real at the time. Ultimately was disappointed.

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  • Personal-Return-4125

    I remember it came out when I started Uni and I was so excited. Only my internet didn’t work so I couldn’t play it for a week. Then when I could it was so good… until I realised the space part was just endless and boring.

    By the time you’ve built an empire one way, someone’s come along and attacked the other side and you just end up flying back and forwards. So much lost potential.

  • Kaiisim

    This game made me stop watching trailers or reading hype.

    It just sets you up for disappointment. Marketing do not care if they lie, they will tell you a game will be a million things its not.

    Hence I’m loving new games. No one told me what Starfield was supposed to be, so I am enjoying it for what it is. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • blehmehwtfever

    One of the biggest gaps between expectation (massively hyped) and actual product that I can remember in my 30+ years of gaming.

  • DigitalSchism96

    I was 11 and it was my first PC game. I remember knowing nothing about it and having a blast. Wasn’t until years later I learned people don’t like it.

  • MentalNinjas

    The thing is, I was only a kid so I was massively impressed by it. I didn’t know any of the hype or anything behind it, we just picked it up one day at GameStop.

    The early stages of the game imo are actually very fun. From cell-tribe you really feel like you’re guiding a new species evolution. It kinda falls apart at the city stage and beyond, but maybe because as a kid I was more interested in my little monster rather than space faring civilization.

    Still wish someone would take a crack at a modern version. There’s a gem hidden in this genre that’s left to be made.

  • iWr4tH

    Coolest concept for a game. Would love someone to do a modern take on this for my kids.

    It really did get worse with each phase of the game though, ending out in a terrible space phase.

  • Occamsrazor1

    I have 2 sealed, new in-box special editions. I worked at game stop at the time and the game was such a flop that we had 2 sealed copies sitting in the back for so long that we were supposed to “penny them out”…. aka change the price to a penny but then throw them in the dumpster. Don’t ask me why that was procedure, but you really realize how stupid that company is when you work there. Anyway, I have boxes full of stuff like this I was supposed to throw away, then I immediately moved to college and forgot about all of it. I should go through all that stuff…

  • Doobledorf

    What’s hilarious to me on Reddit is that there is a stark difference in how different ages experienced the game.

    Teenager or older and followed the hype? Hated it, worst game ever.
    Were a kid and it was just some weird alien creator? Loved it.

  • Xenoscope

    At the time Spore came out I was not a gamer in the sense of being immersed in the culture, so I went into it with zero expectations and was absolutely blown away. Had a grand old time.

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